Packaging of Live Animals

All live animals contained in a Package must be in a cage or box that is adequate enough to contain the animal, including taking into account likely bursting and crushing. Packages containing animals requiring moisture during the Gig must be constructed of water-resistant material such as wax coated, wax impregnated, or plastic corrugated. Ventilation holes should be provided as necessary.

Internal packaging materials must be used based on the characteristics of the animal, taking into consideration the necessary humane care for the animal during a Gig. Lizards and geckos should be individually contained in bags constructed of breathable material, such as burlap. Insects should be contained in individual primary containers such as plastic jars with ventilation. Fish must be double bagged in strong plastic bags with a minimum thickness of 4 mils. Each primary bag should be approximately one third full of water with the remainder filled with oxygen.

Unless otherwise specifically arranged with the Driver, a Sender shall provide Driver with adequate food, water, food and water bowls and any other items required to provide for the needs of the animal during the Gig. All Senders must provide Driver with any additional packaging needed to prevent movement of any primary containers or receptacles within the outer box containing an animal.

Drivers MUST transport ALL animals INSIDE an appropriately heated or air-conditioned vehicle, with all temperature controls in good working order. Under no circumstances may any animal be transported in the trunk or trunk bed of any vehicle. Driver is required to provide the animal food and water at regular intervals, and regular stops to allow the animal to relieve itself and otherwise as needed for the animal(s) in the Gig. Driver is required to provide any other additional components such as moisture; bedding and securing of packaging within the vehicle should be added as necessary to provide a safe environment during the Gig.

Roadie Accepted Live Animals

This is a comprehensive list of live animals that may be accepted for a Gig. Senders are prohibited from sending any animal not listed here, and all other live animals may not be sent. The following live animals may be accepted by a Driver unless poisonous, venomous, threatened, endangered and/or listed on the Roadie Prohibited Animals list below.

Roadie Prohibited Animals

Live Animals that are prohibited from being sent and may not be accepted for a Gig include, but are not limited to: