We all know that delivering Gigs can get a bit crazy. That’s why we’re so grateful for all you do on the road. To make delivering Gigs even easier, here are our top tips  to help you get that 5-star rating.

1. Read Full Gig Descriptions Before Offering

Before you offer on a Gig, make sure to read the entire description. There’s a lot of important information in there, including delivery windows, special instructions, and size details. Most of the time, the Gig description will definitively let you know if the Gig works for you.

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2. Write Detailed Offers

Outside of having a professional profile, your Gig offer will be the first thing a Sender sees. Make sure your offers includes details — time, availability, professionalism— for your best chance of being selected to drive.

3. Set Expectations with the Sender

We don’t think we can emphasize this enough. Trust us: when you and the Sender consistently talk about the Gig and set expectations from the get-go, things always end up going better than if you don’t. Before you offer on the Gig, make sure you’ll be able to fit the item in your car and deliver on time.

And we get that things happens (or should we say traffic). If you’re running late or you think you might not arrive at the delivery location at the designated time, make sure you let the Sender know with a quick text. By keeping them in the loop, you’re letting them know that you’re on top of things, even if traffic has you held up.

4. Keep on Top of the App

Did you know the Sender can track their Gig through the Roadie app? It’s another way to let them know how you’re doing without texting them every 10 minutes. To ensure they’re in the know of what’s going on, make sure you complete each step in real time before tapping through to finish the Gig.

5. Friendly, Frequent Communication 

Being personable goes a long way toward a 5-star rating. Developing professional, friendly relationships with people keeps you top of mind for future Gigs. Simply put, you’ll be chosen for more Gigs, and in the end, earn more money.

6. Take Clear Photos of the Gig

We know you’re committed to delivering Gigs with care, but photos are a critical way to let Senders know their stuff is in great condition. That’s why we require them.

When you’re taking pictures at the pick-up and drop off locations, capture the entire item clearly. And if there are other things you consider significant — think drop-off spot or getting it in the hands of the right person — take a photo of that too.

7. Be Flexible

As a Driver, you’re not expected to move your life around for a delivery — or even move a delivery itself! But, sometimes life happens and plans change. If you can accommodate a small change, it will mean the world to your Sender. And if the change isn’t something you can work with, let the Sender and Support Team know. We’re here 24/7 to make the Gig a great experience for both of you.

8. Be Smart About How Many Gigs You Offer on at Once

We love it when you’re able to deliver more Gigs and maximize your earnings! But if you overcommit yourself, problems can arise quicker than you think. Be mindful of how much you’re taking on, so you can deliver every Gig on time.

9. Know When To Call the Sender vs. Roadie Support

Our 24/7 Customer Support is always ready to help you with a Gig, but sometimes there are questions that we simply can’t answer. If you have questions about the delivery, call the Sender! If you have problems with the app, call Roadie.

10. Remember To Ask for the Delivery Code

Once you deliver a Gig, you’ll need to ask the Sender for the delivery code. Without it, you won’t be able to confirm delivery or get paid!

Have more questions about how to earn a 5-star rating? Check out our support page.