At Roadie, the safety and security of our community means everything. That’s why we’ve launched features like real-time tracking, coverage up to $10,000, delivery confirmation codes, and more.

But you’ve told us delivery codes can be a hassle and take too much time. So we listened and set out to make it easier for you to confirm a delivery of a Gig.

Send Anything With Roadie

Today, we’re excited to launch Delivery Signatures, a secure and hassle-free way to confirm deliveries and verify drop-off.

Along with photo confirmation, Senders now have the choice to require a signature upon delivery. Simply select that a recipient must be at the drop-off location, and Drivers will need to get their signature before completing a Gig.

That means everyone (including businesses and customers!) can complete Gigs faster with fewer headaches by having recipients sign for them, rather than tracking down a delivery code.

If a recipient is not present at the time of delivery, someone else can sign for the Gig. The app will prompt you to enter the person’s name before they sign. If no one can sign for the delivery, the item may be returned to the pickup location for an additional charge equal to the price of the Gig.

While not all Gigs require a delivery signature, you’ll still need photo confirmation to complete a Gig.

We hope you’ll find this to be a faster, easier way to confirm a secure delivery hand-off.