We sat down with David to learn more about why drives with Roadie, what Gigs he delivers, and what comes next for him.

1. First, thank you so much for being such an amazing driver in our community. Drivers like you are why we’re able to do what we do. And we were wondering why you chose to become a Roadie Driver in the first place.

I chose to drive for Roadie because my friends referred me and had great things to say about the company. I was looking for more part-time flexible jobs and Roadie definitely fit into my lifestyle perfectly. The flexibility allowed me to drive Roadie while still being able to keep my current jobs I had.

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2. Tell us about your favorite Roadie experience or a Gig that you have done. What was so special about it?

My favorite gig was a walker that I delivered last minute to an elderly lady. The sender owns a small business that sells walkers and powered wheelchairs and the customer needed her walker asap. When I arrived at her store, she was so grateful that I arrived on time to pick up the walker. She had tried Roadie only once before, so I told her that she could depend on Roadie for her future deliveries. Needless to say, she is now a regular Roadie sender. It just made me happy that I could turn her day around and show her that she could depend on us for last minute emergency deliveries.

3. If you could drive anywhere, where would you go?

I would drive to New Orleans. I’ve always loved food and authentic New Orleans cuisine has been on my bucket list for a very long time.

4. What’s the coolest or funniest thing that’s ever happened to you while on the road?

I’ve met some great people while driving for Roadie. Definitely the coolest gig was when a regular sender, Henri’s Bakery, decided to give my girlfriend and I free lunch on the house! I had to wait for the package to be ready and the owner was nice enough to provide free food which made my day

5. We think you are an amazing member of the Roadie community. Any advice you have for other Roadie drivers?

My best advice for other drivers is to have patience. Not every gig will be a good match for you. Only take the ones that you feel are worth your time and effort. Also, the senders make mistakes at times and may provide the wrong information you need to make the delivery. If this is the case, just communicate and ask questions.

6. You mentioned that you love freedom and flexibility. When you’re not driving with Roadie, what are you pursuing?

When I’m not driving Roadie, I’m working on my other jobs and saving money to start my own business. Roadie allows me the freedom and flexibility to make money when I need to pay bills but also put my other priorities in place when I need time to invest in my own business. Without Roadie, I definitely would not be able to pursue my long-term goals while putting food on my table at the same time.