We’ve all been there: offering on a new kind of Gig, wondering what to expect. Or perhaps you’ve just finished your fifth Gig, and you’re curious how many miles you’ve driven so far and how much you’ve made. We get it – and that’s why we’re excited to show you Roadie’s new Driver Dashboard experience. From product news and updates to helpful “how it works” videos, your Driver Dashboard is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know to be a successful Roadie Driver.

The best part? You can get it all in your Roadie app.

Learn More in the Driver Dashboard

First, open your app, log in, and tap on the “Profile” button on the bottom of the screen. Tap “My Dashboard” to access all these great features.

Miles and Payment and Tax Info, Oh My!

We care a lot about trust and accountability at Roadie, and we know that goes both ways. That’s why we’re giving you full transparency into all the details of your Gig history, all in one place.

The first screen of your Driver Dashboard shows all the money you’ve made and miles you’ve driven. You can view specific time ranges or full years, if you need this information for your taxes.

Scrolling down, you’ll see payment details for each Gig, including payment status. If for any reason there’s an error with your bank account, you’ll see it marked here. Processing means the payment has been sent to your bank and should show up in your account in about 3 business days. Submitted means you’re all set!

Setting up for Success: App Walkthroughs & Onboarding

Be prepared for every Gig and get the most out of your Roadie experience with our brand-new “How-Tos” section. Here, you’ll find an app walkthrough, along with videos about different Gig types, like Home Depot and Walmart.

From airports to alcohol, these videos will help you get all the details before you hit the road. Because who doesn’t love a smooth ride?

News, Product Updates and More

From Driver Spotlights to new features and the technology behind Gig matching, our “News and Updates” section is full of helpful blog posts designed to make your everyday experience with our app as seamless as possible.

Be sure to check in your Dashboard often for more news from the Roadie team – you don’t want to miss out! We’re excited to keep adding to the Driver Dashboard so you can have the whole wide world of Roadie at your fingertips.