Hey Roadie drivers!

If you’ve ever had to call our Support line, you’ve probably experienced the effects of our high call volume. We received a lot of feedback from drivers about the wait time for returning your calls and we listened. So, in hopes of making your Roadie experience better, we’re excited to share a new way that we are helping drivers if they ever hit a bump in the road!

What It Is:
Calling Roadie Support in the past meant that you would be put on hold until the next available Roadie agent was available and, if we were tied up with other calls, you would need to leave a voicemail and an agent would get back to you as soon as we could.

Our newest Roadie Support member, the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) phone system, will save you time from having to wait on the Support line to speak to a live Support representative. When you call into Support, you’ll be greeted by our new phone system and given specific prompts to categorize and assist with your issue.

How It Works:
Now when you call our Customer Support line, you will be able to select whether you’re having an issue at the pickup or delivery step in the Gig process (Option 1). The IVR phone system will find your account and allow you to select the Gig you’re having an issue with. From there, simply select the particular problem you are having and we’ll handle the rest to get you back on the road faster. The options are:

  • Item Out of Stock
  • Item Not Ready
  • Item Has Already Been Delivered
  • Item Not As Described
  • Order is Incomplete
  • Other Reason (this option will send you right to a live agent to continue assisting with your issue)

After you select your particular issue, our IVR system will provide you with an option to automatically create a cancellation (and receive the courtesy payment) for your Gig. Easy peasy!

The Delivery Issues option will also help reduce your need to wait on Support and get you back on the road. The options in this step are:

  • Unable to Get Signature
  • Recipient Unavailable
  • Recipient Refused Item(s)
  • Unable to Reach Drop-off Location
  • Unable to Verify Age for Signature is 21+ Years Old
  • Other Reason

Whenever any of these options are selected, our IVR system will provide you with an option to create a Return Gig! When the Return is created, you will automatically be assigned to the Gig. You’ll simply return the item back to where it came from.

All of these things were done with your valuable time in mind. Of course, you can still reach a live Support agent (Option 2) or directly leave us a voicemail (Option 3) if you need any other help.