When we launched Roadie in 2015, we set out to build a community of people — neighbors, driving the same streets we do, with the extra time and extra space to give someone’s stuff a lift. 

Since then, Roadie has grown and changed in ways we never expected. Today, Roadie’s network of drivers deliver for global brands like The Home Depot, Delta Air Lines and Walmart, small businesses and consumers. Together, we’re making same-day, local delivery faster, friendlier and more efficient than ever before.

These changes have been good for everybody. They’ve helped us grow our platform to support more delivery demand, which means more Gigs for drivers — which, in turn, makes it easier to get items delivered on time and for the right price to keep senders engaged and happy. 

And it worked. Over the last five years, the Roadie community has grown to include more than 150,000 drivers, who have delivered to more than 11,000 cities and towns nationwide. Our driver coverage now reaches 89% of all U.S. households — the largest local same-day delivery footprint in the nation. 

But underneath all those numbers are real people, just like you. 

That’s why we’ve created a new Roadie app, designed just for you, our drivers.

We never dreamed we’d be rolling our new app out during the middle of a pandemic, but the rapidly escalating COVID-19 health crisis makes it more important than ever that we give you everything we can to help your side hustle work for you. 

Delivery drivers around the country have stepped up to keep American life moving. Whether you’re bringing groceries to an elderly couple so they don’t have to brave the outside world, or you’re dropping off supplies for families to stay busy by finally tackling that home improvement project they’ve been putting off for years, Roadie drivers are now providing more than convenience: you’re providing an essential public service.

With that increased volume, we know many drivers will be delivering more Gigs than ever. The new Roadie Driver app makes it faster and easier to deliver multiple Gigs at once. The app also gives you more detail upfront and gives you the control to handle problems when they come up, allowing you to get better value for your time. 

Our new app aims to make driving on the Roadie platform easier — whether you use our app every day or just once in a while.

Launching our new driver app isn’t the end of something; it’s the beginning. We’ll be rolling out new features in the coming months designed to make your Roadie experience even better, in the app and on the road. 

Look for the new Roadie Driver app on iOS and Android. And, as always, thanks for being a Roadie driver. You’re the engine that keeps Roadie driving forward, and we appreciate you as much today as when we first hit the road together. 

Roadie on!

From Marc Gorlin, Roadie’s Founder & CEO