Meet your new driver app.

At Roadie, we’ve been hard at work on a new app to make your driving experience better. When we launched Roadie in 2015, our goal was to give drivers a side hustle with more visibility, flexibility and autonomy. Today we’re introducing our new Roadie Driver app – and taking that commitment a step further.

From giving you more detail up front, to making it easier to do multiple Gigs at once, to giving you more power to handle problems when they come up, our new app aims to make driving with Roadie easier – whether you use our app every day or just every once in a while.

A lot of the app’s basic functions are the same, but you’ll see that your app has a lot of new things, too.

And don’t worry, our matching system hasn’t changed. The new app won’t impact how many Gigs or which Gigs you’re assigned to.

Your new app comes with more transparency.

The new app is designed to give you more transparency throughout the delivery process – before you offer and during a Gig. More transparency means you have more power to choose which Gigs work for you and which ones don’t.

Refresh button
We’ve added a refresh button on the Map screen so it’s easy to make sure you’re always seeing the most recent gigs.

Estimated drive time
You’ll see the estimated drive time right up front, so you can decide if a Gig works with your schedule.

Gig dimensions
You can tap the Gig card to see dimensions of the items. If it’s an oversized delivery, you’ll see how many items, and the weight and dimensions of each item, if they’re available.

Important details at a glance
Once you start a Gig, you’ll see that all the information you need to know is more prominent and easier to access. You’ll see addresses, contact info and any pickup or delivery instructions right up front – and even which Gigs will reimburse for parking or tolls.

If there’s a chance a delivery could be returned – for example, if a signature is required – the app will show you a “Return Possible” tag. You may also see other tags such as “Huge” or “Parking/Toll Reimbursement,” which let you know about other key details you might need to be aware of. You can tap the tag to learn more about these special requirements.

More control over the way you drive.

Your new app comes with more self-help features, so it’s easier to handle issues quickly and get back on the road.

Resolve issues straight from the app
If you run into an issue on a Gig, the “GET HELP” button makes it easier to resolve the issue yourself, without having to call in to Support.

If you do need help from our Support team, we’re still here for you. You can even text us right from the app. You can find your Gig Support ID by tapping the (i) button to view more details about your Gig, and it will appear under the Gig title.

Cancel a Gig
If an item isn’t ready at pickup, now you can cancel the Gig, right from your app. Just choose a cancellation reason from the dropdown menu and the Gig will be canceled automatically. As always, you’ll be reimbursed for your time if a Gig is canceled at pickup.

Create return Gigs
If a delivery requires a signature but no one’s home at the dropoff location, you can create a return Gig to take the item back to the pickup location. Your current Gig will be closed out and you’ll be ready to start the return Gig.

It’s simply easier to use.

Roadie’s new driver app makes both the pickup and delivery processes easier (and hopefully faster, too!).

Easier group Gig management
If you get matched to multiple Gigs at the same time, you’ll see that group Gig management is a lot easier. All of the Gigs you’re assigned to will be grouped together and ordered into the fastest route based on current traffic – but don’t worry, you still have the flexibility to deliver them in whatever order you choose.

When you get to the pickup location, you can now manage multiple Gigs at the same time. It’s faster to add pickup photos for each gig.

Same when you get to dropoff – you can verify items, take multiple Gig photos at once and quickly mark each Gig as delivered.

Select your favorite navigation app
When it’s time to head to pickup or delivery, tap Navigate and choose your favorite map app. Now, you can choose from several different providers and start navigating, straight from your Roadie app.

How to get the new app. 

To download the new app, delete your existing Roadie app and head to the App Store or Google Play to get the new one. Look for Roadie DRIVER and tap download. (Important note: you’ll have to delete the old app before you download the new one.)

All your login, profile and Gig history is in the new app, so as soon as you login, you’ll be ready to hit the road.

Finally, please check out our Roadie Driver Community on Facebook, where you can get updates on the new app, get tips from other Roadie drivers and tell us what you think.