You may already be familiar with Walmart grocery Gigs – and now we’re adding a new type of Walmart Gig to the map: general retail. While grocery Gigs require drivers to park and wait in the orange “Grocery Pickup” spaces, these retail Gigs will require you to enter the store. Here’s everything you need to know to get started:

Park in general parking.
You’ll need to park in general parking, not the orange spaces, and enter the store to retrieve the orders.

Go inside and use the app to scan the order barcode.
Follow the blue signs to the “Express” area inside the store and locate your order. Double check the order numbers and use the app to scan each item. Walmart associates can help you load any large or heavy items.

Pay close attention to delivery notes.
If there are multiple deliveries, the app will automatically guide you to each stop. Confirm the order numbers for each delivery location. At each delivery stop, you’ll need to scan the order again and take a delivery photo.