Walmart stores all across the country are having huge holiday sales events, which means big payout opportunities for Roadie drivers. These Gigs will be a bit different from the usual, and this information will help make it a smoother experience for you.

Walmart’s Black Friday Deals for Days events will have designated parking areas and in-store setups. There will be two kinds of pickup scenarios, so be sure to read the in-app description before you arrive so you’ll know where to park and whether to enter the store.

Some orders will need to be picked up outside. For those Gigs, please park in the reserved “DEALS” pickup spot. If the Walmart associate doesn’t arrive within 5 minutes, call the number on the sign. Once the associate loads your trunk, confirm the order number and scan all packages to complete pickup.

Other orders will be picked up inside the store. For these Gigs, please park in general parking. Be sure to wear your mask when you enter the store. You can skip the line by showing the attendant your Roadie app. Inside the store, there will be blue signs for a designated “DEALS PICKUP” area. Confirm the order number and scan all packages to complete pickup.

There are two different types of no-contact Walmart deliveries.

For “Unattended” general merchandise deliveries, you can leave the items at the customer’s door without contacting them.

For “Contactless” grocery and Walmart Express deliveries, please be sure to contact the recipient when you arrive at the dropoff location. While these deliveries require a heads up, they still will not involve any face-to-face interaction.

All returns should go to the grocery pickup parking area marked with orange signs. If the store you’re returning items to doesn’t have designated grocery pickup parking, return the items where you first got them (either the “DEALS” parking spot or the area inside the store).

A note about timing
Walmart runs on a tight schedule, so be sure to arrive at the store within the window specified in the app. Plan to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the pickup time, as this helps keep things running smoothly.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be earning extra holiday cash in no time!