A more convenient local and regional next-day delivery platform

The maturation of e-commerce has ushered in an era of personalization at scale and growing customer demand for convenient, flexible shopping experiences. For retailers, that means accommodating an array of customer delivery preferences ranging from next-day delivery to instant drop-off.

Support oversized delivery

With a fleet of SUVs and cargo vans, our next-day business shipping platform rises above the rest to handle oversized, bulky deliveries. With a  larger delivery workforce, retailers can accommodate delivery demand for big-ticket items and open up bulk next-day delivery orders for business customers.

Scheduled next-day business shipping

Knowing orders and requested delivery instructions ahead of time allows business to schedule delivery for the next business day. At Roadie, retailers and customers can arrange for a pickup and delivery time that works for them with no extra charge or hassle.

roadie next-day business shippingCompete with Amazon with affordable two-day shipping

Because Roadie drivers are already heading in the right direction, our same- and next-day logistics model drives down delivery costs for deliver-from-store, inventory repositioning, hot shot delivery and more. For retailers, that means making it affordable to compete with Amazon and take back otherwise potentially lost business.

Why Roadie for two-day and next-day delivery

Close more sales

Give employees time to focus on customer relationship and increasing sales, rather than same- and next-day logistics

Expand your reach

Crowdsourced delivery allows retailers to offer more customers next-day business shipping, no matter their zip code.

Full visibility

With live tracking and photo confirmations, businesses and their customers can stay updated on deliveries in real-time.


A situational snapshot


A grocery retailer looking to fulfill thousands of orders during any given week through its e-commerce platform. Customers have the option to place orders for same-day shipping or to schedule delivery for the next business day.


With the explosive growth of e-commerce, convenience has become a commodity. No industry has seen this disruption as much as grocery retailers, whose customers now expect pick-and-pack and delivery all in one platform.

Grocery retailers are looking for a solution that can handle bulk orders, flex to meet delivery demand, and scale to cover same- and next-day grocery delivery in any market nationwide — without sacrificing margins or speed.


Retailers across industries partner with Roadie to fulfill next-day logistics ranging from customer delivery to inventory management. In particular, grocery retailers and CPG brands work with Roadie to solve last-mile delivery for everything from groceries and bulk orders to everyday essentials. By tapping into an existing fleet already on the road, Roadie gives retailers a flexible, scalable model for same-day delivery and scheduled next-day business shipping.

  • Same-day or scheduled next-day delivery
  • API integration connects with existing delivery order and scheduling systems
  • Fleet scalability to handle unexpected volume demands
  • Enterprise grade features such as real-time tracking, signatures, and photo confirmations
  • 24/7 live customer support service
  • Support for oversized, bulky shipping requests