Launch same-day, next-day or on-demand warehouse delivery anywhere in the nation

Customers everywhere are demanding more delivery options – in major metros and the smaller cities and towns in between. The Roadie network covers more than 20,000 zip codes and 90% of U.S households. That means you can optimize logistics management and offer customers more choices in how they get deliveries, no matter where you operate.

Multiple delivery solutions to make it happen

2-hour delivery

Get matched on-demand with drivers when customers demand ultrafast delivery

Same-day delivery

Connect with 200,000+ independent drivers that can deliver same-day up to 100 miles

Next-day delivery

Schedule orders for pick-up and delivery in advance

Batched and routed

Streamline pick-ups from high-volume locations while delivering quickly

Big, bulky & oversized

Request pickups on your timeline and skip weight, dimensional, and packaging costs

Cold chain

Ensure you deliver perishable orders quickly and safely

Speed up warehouse logistics with a crowdsourced network

Sell more

50% of retail and supply chain execs say customers expect same-day delivery. The only way to meet that demand and sell more is to cut out the middle mile. The Roadie network of independent drivers enables warehouses to flex their delivery capacity straight to consumers doors, move more product and reach more customers, across a wider range of product types and sizes.

Create efficiencies

Leverage one partner nationwide and streamline operations while getting the flexibility to move materials of all sizes around your network as needed. Dynamically route, pre-sort and consolidate orders using Roadie’s proprietary algorithm.

Make customers happy

We enable you to get your customers the products they need, as fast as they need them, thanks to the expansive network of independent drivers. Deploy the right driver and vehicle for the job on demand, delivering fast and high-quality service that wows your customer while keeping your attention on routine operations.

We’ve Got Warehouse Delivery Covered

24/7/365 Customer Support

Real people ready to help when you need them, including a dedicated account management team for enterprise customers.

Nationwide footprint

With a network of more than 200,000 drivers across all 50 states, Roadie can expand your coverage to 90% of U.S. households.

Real-time visibility

Enjoy peace-of-mind with features like real-time tracking, signature confirmation and a photographic chain of custody.


Roadie automatically provides $100 in protection on every delivery, with up to $10,000 available from UPS Capital.

Route, sort & send

Dynamically build routes, sort and send orders from warehouses with a unified solution

Scale with demand

Quickly scale to handle spikes and lulls in volume in a dynamic, ad-hoc way without spending millions on infrastructure or headcount

Fulfill any type of warehousing and distribution

From shipping out product faster to rebalancing your shelves, retailers often readjust and restock through warehouse distribution. When monthly warehouse deliveries don’t cut it, retailers turn to Roadie to solve outbound logistics and quickly send product to stores.

  • Product may be flying off the shelves, items may have been left off the truck or a customer may have requested a certain item. You need to get product back to brick-and-mortar ASAP. Roadie quickly solves warehouse logistics and direct store delivery, even when it comes unexpectedly.

  • Maybe an item didn’t sell as well as anticipated at brick-and-mortar stores. Or defective products that need to be returned to manufacturers are piling up. No matter the reason, Roadie helps retailers solve inbound logistics and flexibly move inventory back to warehouses the very same day.

  • Why not skip the storefront altogether? The desire for direct-to-consumer products have skyrocketed with the growth of e-commerce, and customers don’t need a store experience to build brand loyalty. Simply send product straight to consumers and give them commercial shipping rates they can afford.

Warehouse Pickup & Delivery

Large retailer with dynamic inventory needs gets flexible, scalable delivery solution


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The Challenge

When customers want it now, they’ll find the company who can deliver. But most ultrafast delivery solutions are inefficient, relying on stores and delivery partners that only operate within dense urban pockets.

The Solution

Retailers partner with Roadie to improve same-day and next-day local logistics strategy – including home delivery direct from owned and third-party warehouses.

The Results

  • Reduce overhead costs by reducing links in the supply chain
  • Offer same-day and next-day local delivery
  • Cut delivery times to under 4 hours

Frequently asked questions

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