Transform brick & mortar into forward distribution centers

Boost sales by delivering from stores

Retailers close more sales when they can deliver goods right from stores to customers’ homes, which gets items there faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Same-day and next-day capabilities

Roadie’s 80,000+ pre-screened Drivers can often deliver items from stores the same day or next-day, delighting your customers with crazy fast service.

Faster inventory turns

Delivering from stores helps you move items from shelves more quickly, allowing you to order and restock with confidence.

No delivery minimums

Roadie never requires cumbersome contracts and volume commitments like the corporate shipping companies, and we give every business the same great rates whether they send one item or 100 items.


These are a few more reasons retailers large and small trust Roadie’s buy online and deliver from store service:
  • No bulky and wasteful packaging. Because your Roadie Driver is the only person handling your items and is heading straight to your customer’s home, you don’t need to waste money on expensive boxes and packing materials.
  • Real-time tracking. Watch your item travel from the store to the customer’s home in real time through our app.
  • Secure delivery. You’ll get proof of delivery the minute your item is delivered.
  • Peace of mind. As soon as a Driver accepts your Gig, rest assured it’s going to get there by the time you specified.
  • Direct routes. Roadie Drivers aren’t making dozens of other stops like the corporate shippers, which means your items get there faster.