same day delivery for groceries

Simplified same-day delivery for groceries. Nationwide.

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  • No matter if they need an order today or tomorrow,  give your customers the gift of flexibility. At check out, customers can choose from scheduled, same-day or even rush delivery. Because Roadie Drivers are already heading that way, we can make deliveries in as little as an hour.

  • Customers aren’t only requesting same-day grocery delivery for small stuff that fits in the front seat of their car — they’re requesting delivery for huge items and bulk orders. The Roadie fleet of cars, vans, and trucks can handle bulk grocery deliveries, no matter if the team orders enough gatorade for the whole season or just to restock the office pantry.

  • Tapping into an engaged fleet of vehicles already traveling to and from stores creates a last-mile solution that solves nationwide grocery delivery for everyone. With a fleet of 150,000+ background-checked drivers, Roadie can deliver any item of any size to any market in the country.

A nationwide grocery delivery company built for your business

Know your customers

Build loyalty programs and increase sales by owning the grocery e-commerce platform

Own your data

All orders and customer insights flow through your digital properties

Keep your profits

Because Roadie only delivers, we won’t take a cut of your Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) revenue


A situational snapshot


A grocery retailer or CPG brand that plans to launch a ship-from-store or warehouse model in order to offer customers scheduled, next-day, or same-day grocery delivery. This retailer has an existing e-commerce platform to sell directly to consumers and business customers.


With the exponential rise of online food shopping, grocery retailers want to give their customer the gold-standard of delivery — convenience, speed, and a powerful brand experience. Growing competition from e-commerce giants has prompted them to offer customers flexible delivery options and explore alternative last-mile grocery delivery services. To remain competitive, grocery retailers need to find a grocery store delivery service that can solve same-day and rush delivery from stores and warehouses.


Grocery retailers and CPG brands partner with Roadie to solve last-mile delivery for everything from groceries and bulk orders to everyday essentials. At Roadie, we’re empowering companies of all sizes to solve grocery delivery with a dynamic and efficient solution that flexes capacity based on variable demand.

  • One-hour grocery delivery turnaround
  • Nationwide delivery footprint with 150,000+ drivers who have delivered to 11,000+ cities and towns
  • Guaranteed delivery for scheduled next-day and same-day orders
  • Real-time tracking on all deliveries
  • Fleet scalability handles spikes and lulls dynamically without spending millions on infrastructure
  • API integration easily connects with existing delivery order and scheduling systems
  • All orders and customer insights flow through your digital properties