Save the sale and avoid stockout with just-in-time inventory management

Reduce retail inventory management costs

There’s no doubt that repositioning inventory from stores to warehouses to stores again gets expensive and time-consuming. Plagued by the need for space and staffing costs, most retailers rely on LTL trucks to move multiple pallets. But many are finding that this inventory replenishment method proves to be inefficient and unsustainable when it comes to moving smaller shipments.

When you’re shipping air, you’re losing money. That’s why many retailers are pivoting to a lean logistics strategy and tapping into unused space in vehicles already on the road. This method of inventory optimization gives retailers the capacity to:

  • Move product from one location to another without booking an LTL truck
  • Reduce delivery wait times from 24-48 hours to 2-4 hours
  • Address reverse logistics and out-of-stock items and returns with less overhead
Optimize order fulfillment ship-from-store and in-store pickup

It’s no secret that next-day and same-day order fulfillment relies on an efficient retail inventory optimization solution to find success. When you’re stocked out of an item, customers can’t buy it — which means a loss in sales and trust from that customer. And if you add that up over time, that missing spoke in your supply chain logistics strategy can significantly impact your revenue.

Lean logistics helps prevent out-of-stock SKUs and lost sales. When product runs low, Roadie will help you restock shelves right away. That way, retailers can begin optimizing ship-from-store, in-store pickup, and other alternative order fulfillment strategies.

roadie inventory management

Inventory optimization that works for your business

No matter if customers buy online or in-store, matching purchase demand with store supply consistently proves to be a balancing act. Here are a few ways Roadie can help your business with inventory restocking and supply chain logistics:

Warehouse to store

Roadie Drivers with spacious vehicles can pick up goods at warehouses or distribution centers, and distribute them directly to one or more stores — often within a couple hours.

Warehouse to warehouse

Sometimes savvy inventory management means simply rebalancing items among several warehouses or distribution centers dotted around a major metro area. Trust Roadie to get product there faster than ever before.

Store to store

When hot items are flying off the shelves, the best way to rebalance stock can be from store to store. Schedule a delivery and Roadie will connect you with a Driver who’s heading that way.

Store to warehouse

Whether it’s a slow-moving SKU or returns that need to be sent back to manufacturers, Roadie’s reverse logistics capabilities can get items from store back to warehouse within a couple hours.


A situational snapshot

A national pet supply retailer has thousands of stores and a booming e-commerce business. The retailer now wants to launch in-store pickup and ship-from-store to make the omnichannel retail experience more convenient for their e-commerce customers.

If a customer looks to purchase an item online for same-day delivery or in-store pickup, but that item isn’t in stock at the local store, the risk of losing that sale is incredibly high. Especially when a competitor can make buying that item more convenient for the customer.

The pet supply retailer needs to implement cost-effective inventory replenishment and reverse logistics solutions to send one-off product and multiple items from store to store or store to distribution centers. Inventory optimization will be a key component for them to address out-of-stock items, and more importantly, to execute their ship-from-store strategy.

Being able to efficiently move product whenever a retailer needs it — and within a couple hours — will help operations execute their speed menu, reduce click-to-deliver times, and optimize their order fulfillment strategy. As such, the retailer isn’t thinking about the size of its store footprint, but rather their ability to move and hold enough inventory at once.

To best optimize ship-from-store, the retailer needs to find a scalable delivery service that costs less money and time than booking an LTL truck. And it found both with Roadie.

Roadie taps into a fleet of vehicles already on the road — employees, customers, and local drivers in the close proximity to stores and warehouses — to handle same-day regional and last-mile deliveries. The national scalability of the service allows retailers to skip renting an LTL truck and regionally move inventory within 2-4 hours.

By having more product readily available for same-day delivery or in-store pickup, the pet supply retailer can save the sale and build brand loyalty by offering customers a more convenient option than its competitors.