Manage inventory and move product more efficiently

Just-in-time inventory replenishment

Free up valuable store stocking space for new products, more SKUs, and high-velocity items at by partnering with Roadie for just-in-time inventory replenishment.

Keep shelves stocked to fulfill BODFS and BOPIS

Lean inventory repositioning shouldn’t mean out-of-stock SKUs and lost sales. When product runs low, rest assured Roadie will help you restock shelves right away. That way, retailers can begin optimizing ship-from-store, in-store pickup, and other alternative fulfillment strategies.

The fastest point-to-point inventory repositioning partner

Most delivery services are making dozens of other stops before they do yours. Roadie’s point-to-point network means your items get there straight away.

Secure and transparent delivery

With real-time tracking through our app and secure delivery confirmation, you’ll know exactly where your items are at all times and when they get delivered. We also provide $500 in automatic coverage on every Gig, and you can buy up to $10,000 in extra protection.

Here are a few ways Roadie’s inventory repositioning service can help your business:
  • Warehouse to Store. Roadie Drivers with spacious vehicles can pick up goods at warehouses or distribution centers, and distribute them directly to one or more stores — often within hours.
  • Warehouse to Warehouse. Sometimes savvy inventory management means simply rebalancing items among several warehouses or distribution centers dotted around a major metro area. Trust Roadie to get product there faster than ever before.
  • Store to Store. When hot items are flying off the shelves, the best way to rebalance stock can be from store to store. Post a Gig and Roadie will connect you with a Driver who’s heading that way.
  • Store to Warehouse. Whether it’s a slow-moving SKU or returns that need to be sent back to manufacturers, Roadie’s reverse logistics capabilities can get items from store back to warehouse lickety split.