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A faster, nationally scalable lost luggage delivery service

  • Because Roadie taps into existing resources already on the road, our airport luggage transport service significantly cuts delivery times. In fact, airlines that partner with Roadie have seen 65 percent faster baggage delivery times on averageEven with sudden spikes in volume, luggage delivery times hold steady — and improve in most cases — regardless of changing weather, traffic patterns, or market size.

  • Nothing makes a trip worse than having the airline lose the luggage. But once Roadie enters a new market for airport luggage transport, airlines consistently see increases in customer satisfaction with the delivery experience. To date, our airline partner markets have had a boost in their customer satisfaction scores.

  • With over 150,000 drivers nationwide, Roadie empowers airline partners to create a uniform and streamlined process for delayed baggage delivery everywhere. Our luggage transport service, in turn, supports same-day delivery up to 100 miles in both big cities and smaller communities. That means airlines can delight customers with faster baggage delivery almost anywhere — from places like San Francisco to Lake Tahoe, Phoenix to Flagstaff, and even Memphis to Jackson, MS.

Enterprise-grade luggage transport service

Roadie provides airlines an all-in-one lost luggage delivery service that caters to the needs of executives, baggage agents, and passengers. As a result, airlines experience a seamless, more efficient process.

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Lost luggage transport service

A situational snapshot


An innovative airline that wants to improve customer satisfaction scores, lower baggage delivery times, and scale its same-day delivery service nationwide. This airline focuses on leveraging innovation and technology to delight customers.


Historically, airlines rely on “daily sweep” luggage shipping companies that have limited flexibility, visibility, and scale. On days when bad weather or canceled flights increase volume, delivery times skyrocket because courier-style companies couldn’t add more delivery vans to their fleet.


Always striving to improve the customer experience, this airline could partner with Roadie to transform its mishandled baggage delivery service. With crowdsourced or collaborative delivery, airlines can tap into existing resources that easily scale capacity, consolidate routes, and speed up baggage delivery.

Roadie’s collaborative model  is uniquely well-suited to leverage community drivers already near the airport, giving airlines the ability to get bags delivered quickly and easily on normal days — as well as those days when weather or other factors cause unexpected increases in delivery volume.