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Roadie works with retailers across categories to provide a faster, cheaper, more scalable solution for on-demand delivery. With a network of over 150,000 drivers, the Roadie community has delivered to more than 13,000 cities and towns nationwide — the largest same-day footprint in the nation.

Roadie is the fastest, easiest way to launch on-demand delivery to your customers no matter where they live. With the nation’s most flexible and scalable delivery solution, we can get new markets up and running in weeks — not just in major cities, but in the cities and towns in between.

And with one provider for nationwide delivery, streamline your delivery program and improve the customer experience. Multiple delivery providers can add exponential complexity. Roadie offers a single, uniform solution that reaches 89% of all U.S. households.

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We deliver scalability to effortlessly meet the demands of peak.

More and more customers want same-day delivery, no matter where they live. In fact, 56% of customers now expect it. Roadie helps big brands address customer demand, not just in NFL cities, but in the cities and towns in between where couriers can’t reach. In fact, our same-day delivery footprint covers 89% of all U.S. households.

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The Home Depot Rapidly Scales Same-Day Delivery

The Challenge

Roadie and The Home Depot partnered in 2018 to provide same-day delivery via passenger vehicles to Home Depot consumers and pros. It’s been a growing relationship ever since and The Home Depot made a significant investment in Roadie during its Series C funding round in 2019.

The global COVID-19 pandemic halted “business as usual” for brands across the world. Unsurprisingly, same-day delivery demand spiked dramatically and demand for delivery from The Home Depot spiked 500%. The Home Depot needed to quickly scale car delivery service with Roadie at 685 stores where they already offered it. Simultaneously, they wanted to quickly launch Roadie delivery for the first time in 263 stores to reach more of their customers during such an urgent time.

The Result

Roadie enabled The Home Depot to respond quickly, giving drivers and end customers the information and tools they needed to stay safe during the crisis and helped The Home Depot meet the intense demand for home improvement supplies.

With only 24 hours notice, Roadie was prepared to launch car delivery service to all 263 new stores. Its driver supply was able to scale in real-time with only organic driver growth, meeting The Home Depot’s surging demand with >99% on-time-delivery. The Home Depot continued working with Roadie to ramp up an additional 39 stores between April 3 and April 15.