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Ship oversized, out-of-the-box items for less

Door-to-door delivery for large item shipping

Urgency, weight, and size — those are only a few of the different factors that go into calculating the cost of shipping large items. At Roadie, we simplify oversized shipping for a fraction of the cost, so you can stay within budget. Most people will tell you that the safety of your bulky item comes down to how you package it — the boxes, the bubble wrap, and even the labels. However, your stuff will still bounce from truck to truck when you ship with a traditional delivery company.

Here at Roadie, we’ll connect you with drivers that can easily tuck your bulky items into the back of their truck and hand-deliver it door-to-door. Plus, we automatically include $100 of insurance with the option to buy more protection up to $10,000.

How do I know if my package is oversized?

Figuring out whether your stuff classifies as oversized is no easy task. That’s why we’ve listed out how to determine the size of your items if you choose to send with a traditional carrier. But remember, unlike them, Roadie doesn’t require the exact dimensions or weight of your item to post a delivery.

Here’s what you’ll need to measure for an understanding of large item shipping costs:

  • Overall size (length + 2x width + 2x height)
  • Total length
  • Total girth (2x width + 2x height)
  • Total weight

cost to ship large items

According to traditional shipping companies, you’ll need to use freight services if a package exceeds the following limits:

  • Packages are over 150lbs
  • Packages measure more than 165in in length and girth combined
  • Packages measure more than 108in in length

Roadie takes all of this out of the equation. Simply tell us the size of your item and where it needs to go. We’ll handle the rest while keeping large parcel delivery costs low.

How do other companies determine large package shipping costs?

While traditional courier platforms or shipping companies provide estimates, oftentimes you won’t know the total fees that apply until checkout. Most often, they’ll charge you based on the overall size, billable weight, and handling surcharges.

Finding the cheapest way to ship large items get complicated quickly. That’s why we created the Roadie Shipping Calculator to make it easier to compare large item shipping costs. Learn more about sending with Roadie and get a free quote here.

Stories from the road

  • Reduced shipping costs for a 1,000+ mile trip

    When her children had grown up and moved out, Melissa gave their bunk beds to her cousin who has two small boys. The tough part was getting the bunk beds from Florida to New York and skipping any outrageous large item shipping costs. Traditional shipping companies quoted Melissa an outrageously high price for the 1,300-mile trip from Ft. Lauderdale to Buffalo, so she turned to Roadie for a lower price. Eric let Melissa know he was heading up the East Coast in his pickup truck and could deliver the bunk beds for her. Melissa ended up saving hundreds of dollars and made two little boys very happy.

  • Delivery in less than two days

    After getting a new job in San Francisco, Elizabeth decided she wanted to redecorate her apartment. Before she got started, Elizabeth sold two tables on Craigslist to the buyer Tom. Elizabeth turned to Roadie for safe and cheap large parcel delivery costs. affordable shipping. After all, the tables were worth $5,000 each. In less than 48 hours, Christopher picked up and delivered the tables 50+ miles away — and for half the price it would’ve cost to ship the tables with a traditional carrier.

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