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No matter whether you’re sending a dresser to your new home or shipping a couch to a customer, Roadie makes it easy when it comes to shipping furniture local or nationwide. Selling an antique table online, sending a desk to your college student, or even buying chairs from a local artist market — shipping furniture can quickly become an expensive hassle. At Roadie, it doesn’t need to be. We make furniture transport easy and affordable by connecting you with a driver already heading to where your stuff needs a lift.

Save money on furniture shipping

Unlike other furniture delivery choices, Roadie taps into the unused space in cars already on the road to hand-deliver furniture right to your door. And because drivers are already going the way your stuff needs a lift, you don’t need to pay premium prices for furniture shipping.

That’s not the only reason shipping furniture with Roadie costs less compared to other furniture delivery options. There’s no need to spend additional money on expensive packing tape, packing blankets or one-and-done oversized boxes. Your old leather sofa or new office desk won’t bounce from truck to truck, so you can skip the hassle of the packaging materials traditional methods and freight handlers require.

Shipping furniture with care

Drivers on our platform know your furniture is valuable and that some pieces can be fragile, so they pledge to take excellent care of it. A driver will come directly to your front door to pick up your piece, load it carefully into their vehicle, and make sure it is snug and safe for the trip. Find out more helpful tips on how to ship furniture the easy way with Roadie.

furniture shipping Roadie deliveryTrack your furniture delivery in real time

Wondering when the dining room table will arrive or when your customer will get their new bed set? With real-time tracking, watch your furniture go from pick up to delivery on any device.  That means no waiting around for several hours for a furniture delivery company to tell you a vague time window.

Stories from the road

  • Door-to-door, next-day delivery for a Herman Miller treasure

    Jason is an avid eBay seller and host for a popular YouTube show, Thrifty Business. When a casino in Las Vegas was closing down, he found two dozen vintage 1979 Herman Miller office chairs that he knew he could re-sell. He soon sold one of the chairs for $1,000 to a buyer in Santa Monica, but there was a catch – Jason had to figure out a way to ship the chair from Nevada, 287 miles away. A fellow eBay seller recommended Roadie as a furniture delivery platform, and Jason set up a delivery before he went to bed that night. When he woke up in the morning, a driver headed from Colorado to Santa Monica was already stopping in Vegas and offered to pick up the chair on the way. The chair was delivered the next day, and Jason was blown away by his first Roadie experience.

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  • A great night's sleep the very next day

    All-nighters and late night parties are a given in college, but those 8 AM classes the next day can be brutal. Kayla quickly learned this her first few months in her freshman year at Georgetown, and asked her parents to send the Tempur-Pedic mattress from her childhood home in New York to Washington, D.C. — 253 miles away. Wanting to avoid furniture shipping lines and bulky packaging, Kayla searched online, found Roadie, and posted a delivery. In two days, Harrison delivered the mattress and earned an easy $200 for his help. Now Kayla is getting better sleep and is more focused on her studies.

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  • Sold in time for the summer

    Adam sold his picnic table on Craigslist and needed it moved by 9 a.m. the next day. He found Roadie online and posted a delivery heading from Atlanta to Marietta, GA. Kendall could make it happen with his Ford Explorer and trusty trailer. The table was posted and delivered same-day in time for the buyer’s backyard barbecue.

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