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Learn how Roadie handles transporting plants locally and nationwide

Save a bundle on transporting plants and flower deliveries

No matter whether you’re transporting plants across town or across a few state lines, drivers are on our platform in all 50 states. We can connect you with someone who is already planning a trip to where your lovely plants and flowers need to go. That way, the cost of transporting plants will be a fraction of what other plant shipping platforms cost.

Door-to-door means your plants won’t be jostled

You could buy specialty boxes for mailing plants, or send them with a traditional shipper, but that means they’re at risk for being tossed around a truck and onto a conveyor belt and back onto a truck. Roadie knows that shipping plants and floral delivery should be gentler than that — directly from one door to another.

plant and flower delivery made easy
Don’t let hot weather hurt your plants

Speed is of the essence when shipping plants, especially when the weather is hot. Soil dries out quickly and the heat can distress plants and make them wilt — or worse. Shipping plants with Roadie is the fastest, most affordable way to get your plants there safely. And because they’ll be traveling in air-conditioned cars, you don’t need to worry about them wilting on their way to you.

A few reasons to use Roadie for shipping plants
  • Nursery delivery. Perhaps you’ve decided to green up your backyard and want to order dozens of plants and bushes from a local nursery. But there’s no way they’re going to fit in the trunk of your Hyundai. Post a delivery and a driver with a truck or spacious SUV will come to your plant shipping rescue.
  • Moving. You landed that amazing job, and have to uproot your household — and your plants. They’ll never survive the hot, unpredictable trip on a moving truck and you don’t have room in your car. We’ll connect you with a driver who’s great at transporting plants. P.S. We also do furniture delivery for specialty and one-off pieces.
  • Flower delivery. Along with shipping plants, Roadie can also do flower delivery, whether it’s a surprise bouquet for someone you love or a potted plant to brighten someone’s day.
  • Wedding and event delivery Need flowers for the big day? Roadie can help you get your dream bouquet or flower centerpiece delivered in time for the main event.
  • Bush and small tree transport. Roadie can help you when shipping plants like bushes and small trees, as long as they fit in the bed of a pickup truck or a spacious SUV.


Stories from the road

  • Darryl Weisman sends hundreds of bouquets every week

    Darryl Weisman runs a floral business in Atlanta, and they deliver hundreds of bouquets and arrangements every week. When his usual delivery truck driver came down with the flu a year ago, he needed help with flower and plant shipping. He discovered Roadie and posted a couple deliveries.

    Since that fateful day, Darryl Weisman Flowers has used Roadie for 1,518 plant shipping deliveries… and counting! Darryl views Roadie as a critical business partner that has helped his company expand and grow, especially at crunch times such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Roadie makes life easier for their staff — and for their bank account.

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  • The 15 flats of flowers were delivered in two hours

    Viola Flowers Delivery handles lots of corporate events. But when Chick-fil-A made a last-minute order for 15 flats of flowers that needed to get to their headquarters 20 miles away that same day, Viola and her team were in a bind for plant shipping options. Same-day couriers cost a fortune for floral delivery and shipping plants, and she couldn’t afford to lose money on this important piece of business.

    Viola searched for plant shipping options online and found Roadie, and posted a delivery. Kristen picked up the flats of flowers and gently transported them in the back of her pickup truck, and made the delivery within two hours – long before the special event at Chick-fil-A headquarters began.

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  • Transporting plants only cost Susan $100

    Susan spent years as a pediatric nurse in New York, but her heart was still in her hometown near Chicago. She missed family and friends and dreamed of opening her own practice in the Windy City.

    Susan had her plane ticket to Chicago booked and took care of everything in her home in Bronx, NY — except her beloved houseplants, which she had grown and nurtured for five years. Her friend Carrie offered to take care of the plants while Susan got settled at her new home in Skokie, IL.

    While boarding her flight, Susan started researching options for shipping plants, and was gobsmacked that some platforms charged hundreds of dollars. Then she found Roadie and was delighted to see that it would only cost $100 for transporting plants back home. She posted a delivery, and Zack accepted. He was driving to Chicago a couple days later and happily reunited Susan with her houseplants.

    Shipping service for houseplants

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