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From ferns to flowers, Roadie takes care of your plants

Put fewer dollars toward plant shipping costs

Save a bundle on flower and plant shipping costs. Roadie charges only a
fraction of what traditional plant delivery platforms cost — and without the hassle. Ship plants for less with Roadie’s neighborly direct-to-you delivery platform. Roadie’s cost of shipping plants is a fraction of what traditional shipping companies charge, which can run 20% or more of the value of the plants. That means more money in your pocket to buy more plants and flowers for your house, yard or loved one.

A greener way to ship plants

We keep the cost of shipping plants low by tapping into the unused space of passenger vehicles that are already on the road, which is also better for the environment. And since your driver is the only one handling your plants for the entire journey, you don’t need special boxes and air packs to prevent your plants from getting squished together and banged around. Plants unanimously approve of Roadie’s greener shipping platform, which keeps plant shipping costs as low as possible.

Why you’ll save on plant shipping costs with Roadie
  • Cheaper than a courier. Sometimes your plants need to get there quickly, and that can cost a fortune. Roadie knows money doesn’t grow on trees, so we charge much lower plant shipping costs because your driver was already heading in that direction.

plant shipping costs

  • Bulk discount. If you need to transport a lot of plants, post a delivery and describe your shipment (size, weight, etc.), and Roadie will connect you with a driver who has a spacious vehicle and can deliver the goods, meaning lower plant shipping costs for you
  • Reliable transportation. As soon as the driver is matched with your delivery, you’ll know exactly when your plants will arrive. Drivers can usually deliver plants the same day.
  • Gentle handling. The plants won’t be handed around to multiple people or tossed around on conveyor belts, so they’ll arrive in pristine condition.

Stories from the road

  • The fig tree blossoms traveled 2,415 miles across the country

    A buyer in Rancho Mirage, CA, purchased 33 boxes of very valuable – and very delicate – fig tree blossoms from a nursery in Lake Mary, FL. The baby fig trees would travel 2,415 miles, and they needed extremely gentle handling. The buyer was sure the plant shipping costs would be through the roof, but they found Roadie and posted a delivery. The cost of shipping plants with Roadie? Only $556.

    Lorie was the right woman for the job. She picked up the 33 boxes, which contained 25 pounds of fig tree blossoms each, and took a cross-country road trip that spanned five days. Just to be safe, the seller insured them for $5,940 through additional protection Roadie offers through UPS Capital. The fig tree blossoms were delivered in perfect shape, and are happily putting down new roots in sunny California.

    Recieve your fig tree with next day delivery
  • Judy saved hundreds when shipping plants to her new home

    Judy has loved growing plants since she was a small child and her mother taught her how to take care of them. She has since kept a dozen or so houseplants scattered throughout her home.

    When she moved from Davenport, IA, to Raleigh, NC, she couldn’t leave her beloved plants behind. But how could she afford the cost of mailing plants 944 miles?

    She searched online and found Roadie, and after she compared the transporting plants cost with traditional shippers, Judy knew nobody would beat Roadie’s prices. She posted a Gig, and $212 later, Timothy delivered her plants right to her door.

    Next day delivery for your houseplants

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