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Fits in a shoebox Fits in the front seat of a car Fits in the back seat Fits in a hatchback or SUV Fits in a pickup truck Pet: Crated, fits in the back seat
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Why Choose Roadie for Pet Shipping?

Here are some ways Roadie makes sure your pet has a great experience on the road:

pet tranport costs
  • Personally select your pet's driver

    Only verified Pet Drivers will be able to offer on Pet Gigs, so you can choose the best driver for you and your pet.

  • Track your pet in real-time with the app

    Not only do we encourage Roadie Pet Drivers to stay in touch with the Sender, we let you see where your pet is at all times.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Your pets are important to us, which is why our team is available at all times to answer any pet delivery questions you may have.

  • Nationwide Pet Shipping

    From doggy daycare to your new place across the country, Roadie delivers your pet with care.

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We’re always looking for dedicated, responsible animal lovers to help our furry friends get where they need to go. Earn more cash delivering pets than you would on a regular Gig. Just complete the pet-friendly application — once you’re approved you can start delivering pet Gigs. Deliver 3 pet Gigs with a rating of 4 stars or more, and you’ll earn your Pet Pro Badge!

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Looking for More Information on Roadie's Pet Shipping Services? Read our FAQs here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roadie Pet Shipping
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