Getting matched on deliveries

Before pairing you with a Gig, we take a number of variables into account, including driver rating, vehicle size, proximity to pick up, current driving status and past delivery preferences.  While drivers will not be matched on every delivery, our system works to pair drivers with deliveries as frequently as possible. Read more about how Gig Matching works in this blog post.

Finding pickup and delivery details

View Gig Details in the app to find out everything you need to know about a delivery before you hit the road, including how large and heavy the item is, how quickly you need to deliver the item, descriptions,  pickup/delivery instructions, and more.

Senders may also include pickup instructions, which you can view once you tap “I’m at the Pickup Location.” More often than not, everything you need to know will be in the Gig details or pickup instructions!

Expect immediate pickup and delivery times

While some Gigs have longer delivery windows, most deliveries require immediate pick up and delivery. Remember, you’ll be rated based on whether you’re on time to the pickup and drop-off locations. Roadie requires you to keep a minimum 4-star rating to stay in the community, so it’s important to not only be friendly, but to arrive on time.

Deadlines differ for each Gig, so please be sure to pay close attention to the Gig Details and only offer on Gigs you can complete in a timely manner.

Keeping in touch

Senders can track your progress — that’s why keeping up with the steps in the Roadie app is so important. From “Start Gig” to  “I’m at the Delivery Location,” these buttons help keep the wheels turning and help make sure everyone is in the loop.

And we totally get it: traffic happens. If you’re running late or think you might not arrive at the delivery location at the designated time, make sure you let the sender and/or recipient know with a quick text. By keeping them in the loop, you’re letting them know that you’re on top of things.

Sender, pickup and delivery contacts are all right there in the app — so you’re just a tap away from getting in touch.

Driving airport deliveries

Most deliveries start at your local airport. Each airport has different processes and protocols, so make sure to review the Gig Details before heading to the pickup location.

  • Review Gig Details for an easy pickup, including parking instructions, Baggage Service Office locations, deadlines,  and common airport processes.
  • Pick up the right bag(s). When you arrive at pick up, show the airline agent your app with the Gig title clearly displayed. The airline will then give you the passenger’s last name and file reference number, so verify that all information matches the luggage tag once the agent has handed the bags to you.  
  • Grab all the bags for the Gig. People travel with more than one piece of luggage, so many airport deliveries have multiple bags within one Gig. View the number of bags needed to be picked up in the Gig title.
  • Upload parking receipts when completing your Gig. Roadie will reimburse you for parking fees or reasonable tolls while you’re on an airport Gig.

Getting help when you need it

Our 24/7 Customer Support team has your back. If you run into any questions the sender can’t answer, simply tap the Help button in the Roadie app to get in touch with us. If you want to learn more about how to set up an account, make a delivery or use our mobile app, our Support Center has everything you need to know.

Roadie support team helps provide shipping services