Using Dessert Delivery to Increase Sales

Nashville Sweets packs a punch with every dessert. Not only are their creations beautiful, but they’re also worth every bite. As small business owners, Brittany Pulley and Danielle Worley run a tight ship with limited resources. Between operational management and order fulfillment, there’s little room to handle same-day delivery themselves. And if the duo is busy with cakes, they don’t have time to stop and take a delivery for an hour.

That’s why Nashville Sweets decided to partner with Roadie. And soon after, they saw sales and operational efficiency skyrocket. Because more people were baking desserts, the team had more time. And they used that time to fulfill more orders and focus on driving repeat customers. Same-day dessert delivery became an essential part of their sales tool kit overnight.

We’re able to take on more orders and say yes to delivery. That means more bodies in the kitchen, more order fulfilled, and more happy customers.


Finding the ‘Golden Ticket’ of Dessert Delivery

For Brittany and Danielle, Nashville Sweets isn’t only a cake shop — it’s their art studio. The duo crafts dessert with artistic modern designs and great attention to detail. And Brittany and Danielle need to trust their cake shop delivery partner as much as they can rely on their team.

“The Roadie Drivers know the desserts are almost like golden tickets,” says Pulley. “They take pride in what they’re carrying.”

More than that, an added layer of trust comes in the form of features. Real-time tracking, confirmation photos, and guaranteed insurance reinforce the security of using Roadie. For Brittany and Danielle, it’s a reassurance and peace of mind. When Roadie Drivers drop off cakes to a customer, the two owners are able to see the dessert at the delivery location through photos in the app.

Owning the Customer Relationship

The Nashville Sweets team builds customer-centric experiences through the entire buying process. From the moment customers walk in the door, they find an atmosphere that makes them feel like they’re at a friend’s home. To offer customers “desserts delivered to your door,” Brittany and Danielle needed to find a partner. But they found that most on-demand food delivery services limited orders, charged high fixed costs, and lacked a personal touch. With Roadie, they found the complete opposite.

There’s consistency in the drivers who deliver for us, and we’ve built a relationship with them. We get a personal feeling with our drivers, and the customers feel that as well.


Roadie gives Nashville Sweets more control over the customer relationship. And in turn, Brittany and Danielle can guarantee customers a high-quality delivery experience.

“Delivery is a nice surprise for our customers, and it makes it more convenient for them,” Worley says. “In the end, it helps us get the sale more so than if we weren’t able to offer delivery.”