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Thanks to Amazon, the average consumer now expects fast, free delivery for online orders, whether they’re buying cupcakes or couches. It’s been a sea of change for companies across industries, who’ve had little choice but to make significant (and costly) changes to their pricing and fulfillment strategies. In operationalizing those strategies, many have come face-to-face with a stark reality: meeting faster delivery demand is complex; there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Top-performing retailers are learning that to compete, they need to offer a full menu of delivery options – not just next day or same-day options, but now “choose your day” and on-demand. To increase loyalty and stay competitive against Amazon, companies need to reliably deliver orders when customers want them – even if that’s within a few hours.

Companies need to reliably deliver orders when customers want them – even within hours.

This guide is designed to help you think about optionality and what’s next for your delivery program. Maybe you’ve been thinking about same-day or on-demand for a while and just need help getting started, or maybe you have outgrown your existing solution’s capacity and capabilities. Our goal, like yours, is to ensure delivery is helping you meet customer expectations and position your business for success long into the future.

And when you’re ready to take the next step, Roadie can help. We’ve worked with leading brands like Delta Air Lines, Walmart, Tractor Supply Company, Advance Auto Parts and The Home Depot to successfully launch on-demand delivery in over 13,000 cities and towns.

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