after a global pandemic the future of delivery is local

Before the pandemic, consumers were satisfied with one-click ordering that came with 2-day delivery, or even next-day delivery.

Not anymore.

Home delivery this afternoon of goods ordered online this morning has been recast as a must-have service providing a lifeline for millions of families. Same-day delivery surged like never before.

It presented unprecedented challenges for retailers and their supply chains. Among the most pressing: how to re-engineer and extend supply chains locally, transforming logistics and fulfillment into hyper-localized and distributed operations, pushing goods as close to the end consumer as possible. And then, how to incorporate flexible, on-demand, reliable same-day delivery into the equation, from all those new locations.

What do businesses need to thrive in this emerging local-delivery world?

Four key attributes:

  1. Speed
  2. Agility, flexibility, and optionality.
  3. Unprecedented reach.
  4. Unlimited scalability.

Download this white paper to explore how comapnies can thrive in the new retail environment.