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Partnering with Businesses Like Yours

Roadie works with local businesses in every corner of the country. Hear from the craftsmen, designers, and mechanics who rely on Roadie to overcome regional and local delivery challenges that might just look like yours.

These Fire Pit Craftsmen Saved 30% on Shipping

Handcrafted with high-end steel, the S&S Fire Pits team custom makes each fire pit to be unique and last a lifetime. These oversized, outdoor beauties weigh at least 180lbs each, so local delivery to customers can get tricky.

S&S Fire Pits owners Andy and Bill rely on Roadie for low-cost home delivery and inventory rebalancing without sacrificing speed. Since partnering with Roadie for oversized delivery, S&S Fire Pits has closed more sales, driven top-line growth and jumped ahead of the competition.


Goodbye, Freight: This Artist Saves Up to 75% on Every Delivery

For local artists, shipping is one of the biggest struggles when growing business outside city limits. More than that, there’s constantly a need to move unfinished pieces and supplies from stores to showrooms and galleries.

When it came time for mirror artist Stacy Milburn to find a delivery partner, she turned to Roadie for next- and same-day art delivery across town and across the country. She grew her businesses and expanded her customer base — all without booking one item on freight.


Fuller Moto Shop Drives Time-Saving Change

Fuller Moto isn’t your ordinary bike shop. These builders meet at the intersection of “art, culture, and the craft of metal,” where their rolling works of art entertain and inspire people.

With multiple daily builds, the team constantly sources and sends auto parts across the region. For them, time is money — so they don’t want to be delivering themselves. That’s why they rely on Roadie to speed up operations and handle local delivery for auto parts.