Driving with Roadie rocks!

Earn Money

Whatever you decide to spend it on, cash is the reason why being a Roadie driver can quickly become worth your while. You can even write off mileage!

Customized Gig Alerts

Set up Gig Alerts to receive notifications of Gigs the start within 3, 10, 25 or 50 miles of your home address.

Enjoy discounts

As a driver in the Roadie network, you’ll get discounts and special savings when you’re on the road with companies like Waffle House, ZipCar, and StoreX.

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Stories from the Road

Become a Pet Driver today!

Animal Lover?

We are sending more pets every day, and we need your help! Start by signing up for your Pet Lover Badge. Once you’re verified, you are ready to bid on any Pet Gigs you see. Best of all, you’ll make more money for every Pet Gig you carry!

Become a Pet Driver

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Some Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I be a Roadie Driver?
  • What Do I Need To Be A Roadie Driver?
  • What's Expected Of Me As A Roadie Driver?
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