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Fees other carriers leave out

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Serious Savings

With Drivers in all 50 states, Roadie is the easiest, often most affordable way to send large, out-of-the-box items local or nationwide. Enter your info to see how we compare. Since Roadie is a flat rate service, the price we quote is the price you pay. No hidden fees. No measuring. No gimmicks. It’s yet another way we’re different

Real Shipping Rates from Top Competitors

With the Roadie Shipping Calculator, we do all the work for you. Get quotes from top competitors all in one place, then simply choose the best shipping rate that works for you.

Calculate the Other Guys' Hidden Costs

While some shipping companies have additional fees charged at point of sale, Roadie is a flat rate service with no hidden costs. A traditional shipping cost calculator gives you a shipping estimate, but you usually won’t know which fees apply until you’re at the checkout counter.

No Boxes or Packaging Required

Traditional carriers use trucks, conveyor belts, and hundreds of people to get items from A to B, so they require extra packaging to keep your item safe. Oftentimes, you may end up paying more for packaging than shipping itself. Roadie matches you with a single driver to hand-deliver your stuff door-to-door, so there’s no need for boxes or packaging.