Why batch delivery is right for you

Batch Delivery saves you time and money by combining multiple deliveries into a single streamlined batch — so you can spend less time coordinating pickups and more time growing your business. Businesses sending more than five daily deliveries with Roadie save an average of 25% on delivery costs. Discounts are based on your daily volume, delivery radius, and the number of deliveries within a pickup window. Use our estimator to discover your potential savings with Batch Delivery.

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White glove treatment for shipping artwork

Skip the hassles and headaches of traditional shipping

Roadie handles artwork shipping with ease and care, whether you’re sending an expensive gallery painting or a sentimental box of holiday ornaments made by your kids. Roadie’s door-to-door platform means your artwork won’t be jostled from truck to truck. You’ll be matched with a driver for your art shipping needs, and they will secure your artwork safely in their vehicle. Rest assured that your precious work of art will be under their watchful eye for the entire journey.

Real-time tracking for artwork transport

No more guesswork on when your precious piece of art will arrive. Roadie’s real-time tracking works on any device, so we’ll show you exactly where and when your artwork will arrive.

More reasons why people choose Roadie for shipping art:
  •  Fine art moving, handled. Roadie doesn’t just help you send canvas paintings or framed photographs. Drivers on our platform know how to ship fragile, one-of-a-kind artwork too.
  •  Instant quotes. As soon as you post a delivery for shipping art and tell us how large your piece is and where it needs to go, we’ll give you an immediate price. There are never hidden fees or surcharges for art delivery with Roadie.
  •  Long distance? No problem! Roadie has a network of drivers in all 50 states, so shipping art with us can help expand your art business or help you send artwork across the country.
  • Insurance, just in case. Roadie automatically gives $100 in insurance coverage on every delivery, even if you’re looking for fine art moving. Plus, you can purchase an additional $10,000 in coverage through UPS Capital.

how to ship artwork with Roadie

The more affordable way to do artwork shipping

Shipping art with a traditional delivery platform can end up costing more than you paid in the first place, or how much you’re even selling it for. It can be a hassle to package up delicate things like framed canvas or pottery in layers of expensive and wasteful bubble wrap or packaging.

And guess what? Those specialty art portfolio boxes can add $150 or more to the cost of artwork transport. Roadie helps you save money on shipping art because we transport it in the vehicles of drivers who are already on their way to the place where your art needs to go.

Delivering real benefits to you & your customers

Save more time & money

Save time by uploading and scheduling multiple deliveries at once with Batch Deliveries, plus save an average of 25% when you send multiple deliveries in the same time frame.

Get peace of mind with delivery notes

You can provide special instructions for your driver, like how they should position and handle the item they’re delivering.

Receive one-on-one support

Roadie offers a day to day point of contact to ensure you’re getting the best delivery experience and the most out of your account.

on-demand delivery for small business

Launch on-demand delivery in days, not weeks.

Before you offer an on-demand option, it’s important to know how your new delivery program will work. A little bit of pre-rollout prep will ensure delivery is helping you meet customer expectations.

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Shopify customers, offer delivery from your store.

We have a new integration with Shopify to make local delivery of online orders easier than ever.


Stories from the road

  • From Bogart to the Beach

    Anthony bought a lovely custom, wall-sized figurine of the legendary Marilyn Monroe, and needed to send her from Bogart, GA, to Panama City Beach. Shipping art the 360-mile trip would have been too expensive with a traditional carrier, so Anthony posted a Roadie delivery and was delighted to see it was only $100. Less than a week later, Anthony proudly hung Marilyn in a prominent spot on his wall.

    Deliver antiques via Roadie's unique shipping solutions
  • Two Metal Sculptures Travel 1,650 Miles

    Mark owns a small studio in Silver Spring, MD, where he focuses on handcrafted sculptures, wall panels and furniture. Most of his artwork weighs too much to send with traditional shippers, so he often resorts to freight handlers. It can easily cost $1,000 to ship pieces long distances.

    Mark was searching for a more affordable artwork transport platform, and found Roadie. When a customer in Denver bought two metal sculptures, he posted a delivery. Arion was heading that way the following week, and safely delivered the pair of metal sculptures right to the buyer’s door.

    Send metal sculptures with Roadie shipping services
  • Customer Returns Artwork in One Hour

    Martha is a self-taught artist who owns a small gallery in Oak Park, IL. Lately most of her oil and acrylic paintings have been focused on childhood dreams and conquered fears – which resonated with most, but not all, of her customers.

    One customer bought one of Martha’s paintings for a friend, and the recipient didn’t think it worked quite right in his home and wanted to send it back. It was only 20 miles away, but it was going to be a hassle for the customer to make the trek. Martha posted a delivery around 6 p.m., and Jose happened to be heading toward her studio – he picked up and delivered the painting within an hour.

    Deliver paintings with Roadie's package delivery service

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