Same-day delivery you can count on.


On-demand & scheduled delivery


200,000+ screened drivers


Bulk upload and routed pricing


Signature & photo confirmation


Live, real-time tracking

Save time & money with batch delivery

Businesses sending more than five daily deliveries save an average of 25% on delivery costs. Discounts are based on volume, delivery radius, and the number of orders within a pickup window. Use our estimator to discover your potential savings.

Not a business? Learn about personal delivery.

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How it works

Using Roadie for your business is easy. Get instant quotes from any device and schedule a delivery in minutes. We’ll match you with an experienced driver who’ll take it from there, with store-to-door delivery as fast as two hours.

  • Get an instant quote on one delivery or 100, all at once. Our routed delivery estimator shows how cost efficiency improves with multi-order routes.



  • Save an average of 25% on delivery costs when you send more than 5 daily deliveries. Discounts are based on your daily volume, delivery radius, and the number of deliveries within a pickup window.

  • Robust features including signature confirmation, photo chain of custody, and live tracking give you peace of mind and control over your customer’s experience.

Offer Roadie delivery from your Shopify store.

Roadie seamlessly integrates with Shopify to make local delivery of online orders easier than ever. Contact the Roadie team to learn more and get started.