More and more brands are responding to customer demand for faster delivery by offering same-day fulfillment. Can those that don’t grow without it?

As e-commerce sales continue to grow, consumer expectations for when, where and how quickly orders arrive are keeping pace. Shoppers trained by Amazon to expect near-instant gratification with fast delivery are carrying that expectation over to other brands.

However, offering customers same- or next-day delivery requires the ability to respond to demand quickly. And in-house drivers and traditional carriers typically lack the flexibility and scalability to help brands fulfill orders in real-time.

What’s a retailer to do?

We surveyed over 200 retail and supply chain leaders with studioID to discover how companies are tackling this challenge. Brands are increasingly aware of the gap. More than two in five logistics executives are weighing strategic partnerships and/or consolidating delivery as a way to enhance the sustainability of their approach to last-mile or same-day delivery. And one-third are looking to crowdsourcing for help. The full report details three key findings:

  1. Customers expect same-day delivery, and they’re willing to pay for it.
  2. Same-day delivery generates an immediate, positive impact on sales.
  3. Brands face challenges with last-mile delivery operations.

These results underscore why brands can’t afford to ignore demands for ultrafast delivery. They also shine a light on challenges companies face as they consider adding that shopper benefit. Download now to discover more about these three key findings that explain why adding same-day delivery remains essential and what brands need to implement it successfully.