A Greener Last Mile Starts Now

Retailers looking to green their environmental footprint are already thinking about ways to source more sustainably and reduce energy consumption and waste. However, they don’t always give as much thought to how orders arrive on consumers’ doorsteps and the impact those deliveries have on sustainability initiatives.

Achieving efficiency and sustainability in last-mile delivery can be a delicate balancing act. Nearly 90% of consumers say they look for eco-friendly shipping options at checkout, according to data from logistics software firm Sifted. And yet, customer demand for fast delivery is persistent. Retailers have had to force consumers to choose sustainability or speed.

Roadie Green™ offers retailers an efficient, highly differentiated and environmentally sustainable solution for local same-day – and it makes a measurable impact. With Roadie Green™ you can:

  • Give customers a fast and environmentally friendly delivery option – right now.
  • Offer multiple delivery options while reducing carbon emissions – no upfront capital investment.
  • Collect ESG data to report measurable progress on sustainability goals.