More and more customers want ultrafast delivery, and they’re willing to pay for it. With this fast-growing trend in mind, retailers are looking for different ways to ensure orders get to customers on time, every time. Batched and routed delivery isn’t a new concept, but businesses can take the idea a step further by using crowdsourced delivery to get those orders to customers on demand.

routed delivery keep up with demand

Consider these opportunities
  • The meal-delivery service that can deliver multiple same-day orders in the same geographic area more affordably and efficiently.
  • The electrical distributor that can consistently meet the last-minute needs of the various contractor job sites it keeps stocked with supplies and parts.
  • The large retailer that can ensure multiple customer orders are dispatched and delivered based on the timelines requested when customers placed the orders.

By batching orders headed in the same direction, companies can meet customer demand while saving money, improving efficiency and enhancing productivity. Even better, with crowdsourced delivery, this all happens without the need for additional staffing, internal resources or vehicles.

Why your current delivery approaches won’t cut it

The final mile is ripe for improvement. Long viewed as the Achilles’ heel of the retail supply chain, this segment continues to challenge companies. The last mile is also the most expensive part of the delivery journey.

Businesses that allocate one same-day order to one carrier, courier or vehicle need a solution that better matches delivery capacity with their expanding same- day order volumes. This is where the crowdsourced batched and routed delivery model proves itself.

Download this playbook to learn about the benefits of batched and routed delivery and how to make the process work for your business.