One-in-three shoppers now expect same-day delivery.

Oversized and awkwardly sized merchandise—think garden rakes, tires, upright basses, assembled furniture—have long been a challenge to ship. Parcel delivery services typically impose a surcharge for these items, and also often require elaborate packing processes for things that can be difficult to fit in a box or send down a conveyor.

It’s even harder to get all that done in time for local same-day delivery. This has forced sellers to charge extra for oversized items, and offer delivery dates that are days or even weeks away—or not provide delivery for oversized items at all. For that reason they’ve been largely left out of same-day delivery that buyers increasingly expect, leaving orders on the table.

One-in-three shoppers now expect same-day delivery, according to McKinsey, and they’re more likely to be willing to pay for it, especially if they’re younger, urban, and generally more time-constrained. The firm expects these same-day expectations to steadily increase over time.

Oversized delivery via a crowdsourcing provider means you can offer affordable same-day local delivery that customers increasingly expect, along with the live tracking, notifications and narrow delivery windows that make for an exceptional brand experience.

Download this playbook to get everything you need to know about the challenges of sending oversized goods, particularly same-day, and how crowdsourced oversized delivery works. You’ll also learn:

  • How ultrafast delivery has a huge positive impact on your business
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