E-commerce sales are steadily climbing, but today’s supply chain isn’t ready to handle the growth. Research shows businesses of all sizes are struggling to meet demand, and customers are feeling the effects. For retailers, this is both an opportunity and a risk. After all, it’s easier than ever for customers to jump from one online store to another to get what they need.

The opportunity for retailers? Win customers by offering efficient fulfillment. The risk? Challenges in the last mile of delivery can undermine even the most streamlined operations.

Last-mile challenges have led e-commerce giants like Amazon to invest heavily
in their own delivery fleets. But retailers of all sizes can get an edge in the last mile without having to build their own infrastructure. By adding crowdsourced delivery to their last-mile solutions, large and midsize organizations selling to consumers and other businesses can offer the following:

  • Flexibility and scale.
  • Coverage and speed.
  • Customer choice.

Download our playbook to learn how crowdsourcing is helping three retailers win and keep customers in today’s complex last mile, and how all large and midsize retailers can use the solution to become truly omnichannel.