The State of Same-Day Delivery: Competitive Advantage No More

A competitive edge never holds for long — case in point: same-day delivery. What once was considered revolutionary is now mere table stakes. Speed is critical as market leaders like Amazon and Walmart set the delivery pace and leave other companies to respond with offerings of their own.

But there’s a tradeoff to consider: Offering same-day delivery makes the last mile more expensive, more complex and (sometimes) less efficient, placing more pressure on companies to meet customer expectations without breaking the bank.

The question ultimately becomes, ‘Is same-day service a sender cost or a customer cost?’ For it to be successful long-term, you have to determine who pays for it.

What’s Next for Ultrafast Fulfillment?

To learn more about the dynamics behind the last mile and same-day delivery, including associated costs, benefits and payback, Roadie and Supply Chain Dive’s studioID surveyed 150 industry leaders whose organizations offer same-day delivery and compiled the findings in this research report.

These exclusive data and expert insights will help business leaders evaluate their same-day strategies, benchmark costs and returns, determine when same-day delivery capabilities make sense and consider ways to accelerate ROI when implementation becomes part of their omnichannel strategy. Insights include:

  • 5 big financial impacts of same-day service, and benchmarks companies can use for each
  • The long-term ROI of offering same-day delivery
  • Market averages for implementation, plus ways to mitigate up-front costs
  • Tips for boosting ROI and controlling inefficiencies

Optimize Your Same-Day Delivery

Explore your options, execute best practices like those detailed in this report and get experts involved to make sure you’re doing everything you can to maximize the value of your same-day delivery program while keeping costs in check. Connect with Roadie when you’re ready to get started.