E-commerce was becoming more popular before COVID-19 hit. The crisis shifted that trend into overdrive, and research shows it’s not expected to slow down. Now, customers have come to expect that they can get just about anything delivered quickly.

To avoid leaving dollars in abandoned shopping carts, retailers and other businesses need to be ready to deliver on-demand. That means it may be worth taking a second look at your warehouse. While it used to be an exception, fulfilling orders directly from the warehouse can help make ultrafast delivery a reality by skipping the lead times and scheduling associated with traditional carriers and even in-house fleets.

But there’s a problem. Not every warehouse is set up to work so efficiently. That doesn’t mean they’re out of options. With crowdsourced delivery, businesses can tap into a nationwide network of independent drivers to offer fast, efficient, affordable and scalable fulfillment when and where
it’s needed.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • The 2 phases to adding crowdsourced delivery to your warehouse
  • How to get your customers what they need fast with crowdsourcing
  • What a typical launch timeline looks like
  • Key crowdsourcing KPIs to measure and ensure long-term success
  • How to promote same-day delivery to end customers

Already offering same-day delivery from the warehouse? Tap Roadie’s nationwide network of crowdsourced drivers to reach your customers no matter where they live. Get in touch with us for a demo.