Roadie Beta

How it works

Create a Gig

A Gig is what we call a shipment or delivery. If you have something you need, simply create a Gig in the Roadie app. We’ll match you with a Roadie Driver who’s headed in the right direction. It’s like carpooling for cargo. Simple, safe and fun!

Choose a Roadie

Senders post Gigs with details and pictures of the stuff they want to send and Drivers choose the ones they like based on location, price, ratings and reviews. Double acceptance puts both sides in control.

Schedule a Time

No matter what you need to send, chances are there’s a Roadie Driver who can deliver it same day, next day, on the weekend or whenever. The Roadie Community is a faster, cheaper, friendlier way to get your stuff where it’s going.

Track Your Stuff

Keep an eye on your precious cargo with near real-time tracking in the Roadie app. You’ll know where your stuff is, and you can connect with your Driver anytime along the way. Easy, right?

It pays to be a good neighbor.

Get cash for driving where you’re already going. Get some good karma by doing a solid for someone, and for the environment. No need for boxes, tape and packing peanuts. Roadie lets your cargo ride commando.

Be a Roadie

Imagine what you can send.

Send something same day, next day or whenever. Chances are a Roadie Driver is already headed that direction. Sending something out of the box or out of the ordinary? A Roadie can usually give your stuff a lift for about the cost of gas money.

Send Something

Discover the invisible delivery network.


Today, 250 million passenger vehicles will hit the road with more than a billion square feet of unused cargo space.

000,sq ft of cargo space

At Roadie, we wonder what could happen if we put just a fraction of that wasted capacity to good use.

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