For small businesses sending multiple deliveries each day, the cost and time spent scheduling and managing each delivery can really add up. That’s why Roadie offers Batch Delivery. With Batch Delivery, you can combine multiple deliveries into a single streamlined batch — so you can spend less time coordinating pickups and more time growing your business.

Benefits of Batch Delivery

Save Money

For businesses sending more than five daily deliveries, Roadie’s Batch Delivery saves an average of 25% on delivery costs.

Reduce disruption

Batch Delivery groups multiple deliveries with a single driver. Fewer drivers in your store means less time coordinating deliveries – and more time talking to customers.

Schedule with ease

An Account Manager will work with you one-on-one to get set up, share best practices, and make sure Roadie works with your existing processes.

Save time

Our downloadable CSV template makes it easy to schedule multiple deliveries with just a few clicks. We’ll even scan your upload for potential errors.

Grow Your Business & Expand Your Reach

How it works

Deliveries heading in the same direction, with deadlines within a couple hours of each other, are grouped together with a single driver. This results in less foot traffic in your store, faster deliveries and happier customers. As your batches are created and drivers get assigned, you can still individually track each delivery from your dashboard, like usual.

Potential discounts are based on your daily volume, delivery radius, and the number of deliveries within a pickup window. In order for Roadie to create the most efficient groupings possible, all deliveries must be scheduled at least 1.5 hours in advance of their pickup time.

Batch Delivery is designed for small businesses with big delivery volume.

To discuss your delivery volume, get an estimate of savings, and learn how Batch Delivery can benefit your business, contact one of our Account Managers today!