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A nationally scalable lost luggage delivery platform with results

Scale rush luggage delivery with a nationwide footprint

The Roadie network of independent drivers enables airlines to flex their delivery capacity on demand to handle spikes and lulls in delivery needs. And with a network covering more than 29,000 zip codes, scale operations from stations across the U.S.

Slash airport luggage delivery times

Our scalable solution and nationwide footprint give airlines a faster, easier way to reunite customers with delayed bags. Instead of waiting for courier sweeps, get bags on the road and back in customers’ hands in just a few hours.

Boost customer satisfaction scores

Increase NPS and overall customer satisfaction with high quality, reliable last mile solutions, with features that customers love – including real-time tracking, photo confirmed delivery and SMS updates.

Multiple delivery solutions
to make it happen

2-hour delivery

Get matched on-demand with drivers when customers demand ultrafast delivery

Same-day delivery

Connect with 200,000 independent drivers that can deliver by the end of day up to 100 miles

Next-day delivery

Schedule orders for pick-up and delivery in advance

Routes and batching

Streamline pick-ups from high-volume locations while delivering quickly

Case Study

Roadie helps top U.S. airline scale delivery capacity by 600% in real-time

Top U.S. Airline

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The Challenge

Consistently rated one of the best in customer service, a top airline needed to quickly reunite customers with their luggage after a baggage disruption at two major hubs. Historically, airlines rely on “daily sweep” luggage shipping companies that have limited flexibility, visibility, and scale. On days when bad weather or canceled flights increase volume, delivery times skyrocket because courier-style companies can’t add more delivery vans to their fleet.

The Solution

The airline partnered with Roadie to tap into a crowdsourced network of drivers already on the road. As delayed bags arrived at their final destinations, the airline’s baggage service agents simply followed their usual process for sending bags with Roadie.

The Results

  • Instantly scaled capacity nationwide
  • 96% of bags delivered on-time
  • Bags were delivered in just over two hours, on average

Enterprise-grade luggage transport platform

24/7/365 Customer Support

Real people ready to help when you need them, including a dedicated account management team for enterprise customers.

On-Demand Delivery

Get matched on-demand with last mile drivers and gain the flexibility to handle variable volume, size, and distance.

Real-time tracking

Enjoy peace-of-mind with features like real-time tracking, signature confirmation and a photographic chain of custody.

Screened drivers

All drivers using Roadie’s platform are screened before getting matched with deliveries.

Photo delivery confirmation

Confirm delivery – and even share with customers – with photo confirmations.

Quick-launch API integration

Get seamless final-mile delivery with Roadie’s API. Integrate and launch in as few as 4 weeks.


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