Get a delivery platform that scales with the needs of your customers

Customers want choice and convenience. And there’s nothing more convenient than having an item delivered to your doorstep that same day. As retailers launch ship-from-store and bring products closer to their customers, the more likely they are to drive down e-commerce shipping costs and shorten delivery windows. Partnering with Roadie for delivery-from-store allows you to scale those benefits to all of your customers – no matter what they order or where they live.


Multiple delivery solutions to make it happen

2-hour delivery

Get matched on-demand with drivers when customers demand ultrafast delivery

Same-day delivery

Connect with 200,000+ independent drivers that can deliver same-day up to 100 miles

Next-day delivery

Schedule orders for pick-up and delivery in advance

Batched and routed

Streamline pick-ups from high-volume locations while delivering quickly

Big, bulky & oversized

Request pickups on your timeline and skip weight, dimensional, and packaging costs

Cold chain

Ensure you deliver perishable orders quickly and safely

Transform your customer experience with a fast, efficient ship-from-store solution

Sell more

Customers everywhere can benefit from the increased speed of delivery from store. With Roadie, you can launch BODFS to 90% of U.S. households.

Create efficiencies

Route and batch store pickups seamlessly with Roadie’s routing algorithm and streamline your delivery-from-store operations.

Make customers happy

Roadie is consistently the best solution for customer satisfaction – including being named The Home Depot’s highest rated partner for CSAT two years in a row.

Your ideal BODFS partner

One solution – nationwide

Roadie’s delivery platform covers 90% of U.S. households. That means no more phone marathons trying to find a carrier.

Scale with customer demand

Our community of crowdsourced drivers lets you scale quickly to meet customer demand wherever and whenever it happens, including peak seasons.

Any item, any size

With a flexible network of crowdsourced vehicles, you can deliver any item — including big and bulky products.

Case Study

Roadie helps Tractor Supply Company expand same-day delivery to 100% of stores

Tractor Supply Company

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The Challenge

Tractor Supply Company has offered home delivery for customers visiting stores since 2017. When the global COVID-19 pandemic hit and people couldn’t make their usual in-store purchases, Tractor Supply Company needed a way to quickly expand same-day delivery to include buy online, delivery from store orders. To add to the complexity, orders ranged from small hand-held power tools to huge items like chicken coops.

The Solution

With the help of Roadie’s straightforward API and large delivery network covering 90% of U.S. households, Tractor Supply Company was able to offer same-day delivery in 1,462 typically hard-to-service locations.

The Results

  • Launched 1,462 locations in less than three weeks
  • On-demand delivery from 100% of TSC stores
  • 15,000+ items available for home delivery

Frequently asked questions

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