Roadie makes it easy to offer hot shot delivery for any item, any size, anywhere

No matter if you’re sending from stores or warehouses, Roadie offers same-day, overnight, and hot shot delivery in urban cities and rural towns nationwide. We understand that while businesses meticulously plan their fulfillment strategy, last-minute changes or unexpected orders come up from time to time. And those changes happen in sprawling cities and small towns alike. Having a nationally scalable hot shot logistics platform provides businesses across all industries the nimbleness needed to fulfill orders in any market without an LTL truck.

Multiple delivery solutions to make it happen

2-hour delivery

Get matched on-demand with drivers when customers demand ultrafast delivery

Same-day delivery

Connect with 200,000+ independent drivers that can deliver same-day up to 100 miles

Local next-day delivery

Schedule orders for pick-up and delivery in advance

Batched and routed

Streamline pick-ups from high-volume locations while delivering quickly

Big, bulky & oversized

Request pickups on your timeline and skip weight, dimensional, and packaging costs

Cold Chain

Ensure you deliver perishable orders quickly and safely

A better hot shot solution that helps you keep customers coming back

Sell more

Being able to nimbly move inventory within hours to your customers or between stores is essential when demand spikes. Roadie’s hot shot solution helps your orders get there ASAP — and maximize sales you would otherwise lose.

Create efficiencies

No need to manage dozens of hot shot couriers nationwide. When coordinating one-off or express deliveries, a streamlined system allows businesses to move at a faster pace and to cut time negotiating with different companies from market to market.

Make customers happy

Improve the customer experience with enterprise-grade features like real-time tracking from any device, chain of custody and photo-confirmed drop-offs.

When it comes to hot shot shipping, Roadie has you covered

24/7/365 Customer Support

Real people ready to help when it matters most

Faster booking

Booking and waiting for a LTL truck takes 24-48 hours. With Roadie, you can get your delivery going in just a few minutes

Save time & money

Deliver hot shot orders in a couple of hours, without the rush fees

Streamline operations

With coverage in all 50 states, leverage Roadie and use the same procedures no matter where you hot shot order needs to go

Scale as you need

Roadie is the ideal partner when you can’t predict volume or know what peak needs might look like

Coverage on all deliveries

All orders covered up to $100 and additional coverage up to $10,000 available through UPS Capital

Hot Shot Shipping

National beverage company quickly restocks and efficiently moves products using end-to-end express delivery

The Challenge

A monthly delivery cadence means popular products can go out-of-stock between deliveries, and renting an LTL truck for only a few pallets is too expensive and time-consuming

The Solution

With the Roadie’s express delivery network, many drivers are already heading to thousands of restaurants, retail partners and gas stations, and can deliver items faster and more efficiently

The Results

  • Quick restocking and efficient movement of products
  • Happier end customers 
  • Quick setup with API integration to your order delivery systems

Frequently asked questions

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  • How long will it take to get set up?
  • Can Roadie handle volume spikes during peak?