A retail delivery platform that enhances the customer experience

Improve the delivery experience

Consumers want more than same-day or next-day deliveries. They want the freedom to choose. Roadie allows you to offer customers what they demand, whether that's delivery in a few hours or a few days, with customizable SLA windows that ensure you always deliver the best experience.

Sell more

Smarter retail logistics does more than increase purchase satisfaction — it also brings retailers more customers and sales. By successfully meeting customers’ expectations for delivery, you can increase conversion and retention rates. Roadie helps exceed expectations, no matter the order.

One solution, nationwide

Stop stitching together regional solutions. Roadie leverages a crowdsourced network of drivers that can solve delivery for everyone. With a network of more than 200,000 screened drivers, Roadie drivers can help you deliver orders to in any market, anywhere in the United States.

Multiple delivery solutions for any retail category


Get matched on-demand with drivers when customers demand ultrafast delivery


Connect with 200,000+ independent drivers delivering same-day up to 100 miles


Schedule orders for pick-up and delivery in advance


Streamline pick-ups from high-volume locations while delivering quickly


Make returns more convenient for customers and re-stock items faster


Ensure you deliver perishable orders quickly and safely


Request pickups on your timeline and skip weight, dimensional, and packaging costs

Case Study

Roadie helps Tractor Supply Company expand same-day delivery to 100% of stores

Tractor Supply Company


The Challenge

Tractor Supply Company has offered home delivery for customers visiting stores since 2017. When the global COVID-19 pandemic hit and people couldn’t make their usual in-store purchases, Tractor Supply Company needed a way to quickly expand same-day delivery to include buy online, delivery from store orders. To add to the complexity, orders ranged from small hand-held power tools to huge items like chicken coops.

The Solution

With the help of Roadie’s straightforward API and large delivery network covering 90% of U.S. households, Tractor Supply Company was able to offer same-day delivery in 1,462 typically hard-to-service locations.

The Results

  • Launched 1,462 locations in less than three weeks
  • On-demand delivery from 100% of TSC stores
  • 15,000+ items available for home delivery

Flexible, scalable delivery for retailers

Scale with demand

A community-sourced driver fleet allows retailers to flex dynamically to meet unexpected spikes and lulls in demand – without investing in new vehicles or head count.

Delivery any item, any distance

With crowdsourced delivery, offer same-day and next-day delivery up to 100 miles – no matter what you sell.

API or Bulk Upload

Effortlessly create deliveries. Upload up to 200 deliveries via CSV, or integrate your order managemen system quickly with the Roadie API.

Real-time tracking

Track delivery orders in real-time, and sharing tracking with customers so they know exactly when to expect their orders.

24/7/365 Support

Talk to a person when you need help. Enterprise customers receive a dedicated account management team on top of always-available customer support.

Better visibility

With one partner that can help you nationwide, streamline operations and get better visibility into performance.

Frequently asked questions

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