An all-in-one solution to skip the middle mile

Roadie Direct™ allows you to transform your warehouses into self-contained direct fulfillment centers. Using the proprietary Roadie batching algorithm, in-house sortation with the Roadie SmartSort™ app and out-of-the-box integration with the Roadie logistics management and crowdsourced delivery platform, you can streamline delivery by removing the need for off-site order fulfillment. Talk to a logistics expert and unlock more efficient last-mile delivery at faster speeds.

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How Roadie Direct™ works

  • Build optimized batches seamlessly

    Orders are sent to the Roadie platform via API or CSV bulk upload. The Roadie algorithm consolidates orders into batched deliveries – up to 30 orders per batch – and pushes them to Roadie SmartSort™ for easy sorting and staging. 

    With Roadie, you automatically can create batches with optimized routing for on-time delivery. It’s that easy!

  • Easily sort hundreds of orders quickly

    After orders are submitted, your warehouse employees can begin picking, sorting and staging orders for driver pickup. Once orders are collected in a dedicated area of your facility, your warehouse team stages batches for pickup and delivery using Roadie SmartSort™. The best part, 2 employees can stage upwards of 1,000 orders in a couple hours with Roadie SmartSort™.

  • Deliver and track in real-time

    With a nationwide network of independent drivers, the Roadie platform lets you access a range of vehicle types and capabilities. Drivers pickup orders and deliver to customers up to 100 miles, from dock-to-door with no transfers in between. Once deliveries are on their way, track in real-time from any device. Plus share live tracking with your customers so they can watch delivery progress on their own.

Reduce fulfillment times to <6 hours

Lower cart abandonment

With Roadie Direct™, you get access to the nation's largest local same-day footprint. Offer more customers same-day delivery, lower cart abandonment and make ecommerce fulfillment as easy as ordering online.

Extend cutoff times

Roadie Direct™ enables you to avoid 5pm cutoffs of other solutions and extend cutoff times until the morning pick-and-pack shift.

No new hardware required

Integrate Roadie with your existing systems, and install Roadie SmartSort™ on scanning or mobile devices already in use in your warehouses.

Warehouse Pickup & Delivery

Fanatics gets a flexible, scalable delivery solution for e-commerce orders


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The Challenge

When customers want it now, they’ll find a company who can deliver. But most ultrafast delivery solutions are inefficient, relying on stores and delivery partners that only operate within dense urban pockets.

The Solution

Retailers partner with Roadie to improve same-day and local logistics strategies – including home delivery direct from owned and third-party warehouses.

The Results

  • Reduce overhead costs by reducing links in the supply chain
  • Offer same-day local delivery directly from owned warehouses
  • Cut fulfillment times to under 6 hours

Interested in other products?

Whether you want to increase sustainability efforts, deliver big and bulky items, or streamline direct-to-consumer workflows, Roadie’s got you covered with our other delivery solutions.

Roadie Green™

Roadie Green™ is an efficient, fast, and more environmentally sustainable solution that helps you offer local same-day delivery while reducing environmental impact. Now available in select markets.


RoadieXL™ makes delivering oversized, heavy, or awkward items easier by enabling you to skip the extra packaging, dimweight fees and long lead times of LTL or traditional carriers.

Roadie Direct™

Roadie Direct™ warehouse delivery enables retailers to lower costs and accelerate delivery speed by sorting, staging, routing and delivering direct from their existing warehouses, turning those legacy locations into same-day logistics hubs.


Talk to a logistics expert

Learn how you can tap owned and 3PL warehouses for scalable same-day delivery with in-warehouse batching and routing—a game-changer for speed and efficiency in your logistics operation.

Roadie Direct™

Frequently Asked Questions

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