A Better Way to Deliver with RoadieXD™


RoadieXD™ is your go-to for quick shipping of big and bulky items. With specialized operations and equipment, RoadieXD™ lets you handle almost anything, delivering orders that were traditionally too big or heavy.


Cross-docking with RoadieXD™ accelerates your deliveries by seamlessly transferring orders from inbound to outbound vehicles, so items are delivered the same day they arrive at the Roadie cross-dock facility.


RoadieXD™ taps the existing Roadie crowdsourced network of independent drivers to deliver up to 100 miles from each cross-dock. Expand your customer base to more distant locations, increasing market reach and sales.


With this innovative solution, companies can efficiently dispatch products from multiple locations, eliminate the need for extensive storage, accommodate later cut-off times and save on costs for traditionally expensive deliveries.

How RoadieXD™ works

With RoadieXD™, orders are delivered the same day they reach a Roadie cross-dock location. Extend order cut-off times, accelerate deliveries, and expand delivery windows. By bypassing lengthy storage and multiple checkpoints, businesses cut costs, streamline operations and reach more customers faster – all while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

  • Same-Day AM

    Truckloads arriving at a RoadieXD™ cross-dock by 6am are sorted and out for delivery by 10am, so you can expand expedited delivery options for your customers without the hassle.

  • Same-Day PM

    Truckloads arriving at a RoadieXD™ cross-dock by noon are sorted and out for delivery by 2pm. Deliver even more orders same–day with later cut-off times.

Grow and Scale Your Business
with Improved Delivery

Increase sales while
lowering costs

RoadieXD™ lets you expand ultra-fast delivery options, meet more demand and boost sales. In a recent ROI research report, 66% of companies saw conversion rates grow after implementing same-day delivery. Increase your revenue while minimizing storage and handling costs with the streamlined operations of RoadieXD™.

Better logistical operations

RoadieXD™ handles FTL, LTL, and mixed-load pickups, offering versatility and efficiency for diverse deliveries. Simplify operations, enhance service quality and save costs across your last-mile logistics.

Reliable delivery, more
days a year

Operating 24/7/365, RoadieXD™ ensures timely deliveries to meet customer expectations. Expand your delivery days and ensure reliability with features like multiple delivery attempts and signature requirements.

Unlocking last mile efficiency with cross-docking and crowdsourcing

When merchandise travels quickly through the supply chain, senders minimize inventory carrying, handling, and storage costs; customers get their orders faster; and suppliers cut their order-to-cash cycles. It’s a win-win-win.


Even more benefits for UPS customers

  • Create deliveries via your UPS account

    Get started with RoadieXD™ with virtually no up-front technology changes. Create deliveries via your UPS account and start delivering in days.

  • Get full visibility in the UPS tracking system

    RoadieXD™ will generate the same tracking milestones as UPS shipments. You’ll continue to have 100% control over the operations while gaining quick access to ultrafast delivery.

  • Bill Roadie deliveries to your UPS account number

    Simplify your business's expense tracking and management in a single location. One streamlined bill for UPS and Roadie deliveries makes it seamless.

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