Deliver Oversized Items Same-Day With Ease

More than one-third of consumers now expect same-day delivery, even for orders traditionally sent LTL. Delivery speed is second only to cost when consumers make purchasing decisions. With RoadieXL™, you can offer customers better delivery options for online orders and reduce cart abandonment.


Reduce costs and cut the hassle

Reduce costs

Deliver more efficiently by skipping extra packaging and dimweight charges. Plus, get clear pricing up front on all orders.

Extra-equipped drivers

Items over 60 pounds are matched with drivers certified to have a large vehicle and dolly. Drivers do not have liftgates, pallet jacks or forklifts.

Deliver up to 300lbs

From kayaks to large car parts, Roadie connects you with independent drivers that can deliver just about any oversized, awkward or heavy item.

Delight customers

Give your customers real-time tracking updates and 2-hour delivery windows.

Regular Oversized Delivery

  • Order pick-up cutoffs
  • Delivery date and time uncertainty
  • Requires managing a network of local providers
  • Special handling delays
  • Packaging required
  • Dimweight fees


  • Order cutoffs are up to the sender
  • Tight, specific delivery windows
  • Simplified to a single source
  • No handling delays
  • No packaging required
  • Flat-rate pricing


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What counts as an oversized item?
  • No hidden fees? Seriously?
  • Can I send pallets?
  • How do I know what kind of vehicle to request for the oversized order?
  • What cut-off times do you require?
  • Will the driver help my customer get the item inside?

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