Own the same-day delivery customer experience from store to door

With Roadie, you’ve got a single, whitelabeled solution you can work with all over the U.S to delivery same-day. Our crowdsourced delivery model taps into a hidden resource – drivers on the road in their own vehicles – to enable an asset-light logistics solution for businesses that makes it easy and cost-effective to scale same-day and urgent delivery nationwide. By tapping into a driver community that’s in close proximity to stores and warehouses, Roadie is a uniquely flexible resource that enables you to deliver any items, of any size, at scale – not just in major cities, but also in the many smaller cities and rural towns in between.

Multiple delivery solutions to make it happen

2-hour delivery

Get matched on-demand with drivers when customers demand ultrafast delivery

Same-day delivery

Connect with 200,000+ independent drivers that can deliver same-day up to 100 miles

Batched and routed

Streamline pick-ups from high-volume locations while delivering quickly

Big, bulky & oversized

Request pickups on your timeline and skip weight, dimensional, and packaging costs

Cold chain

Ensure you deliver perishable orders quickly and safely

Delivery influences everything

Sell more

Roadie's nationwide footprint and versatile fleet enable retailers to offer same-day delivery from stores and warehouses and reach more customers across a broader range of product types and sizes. This is particularly true for traditionally hard-to-deliver items, like big and bulky, fragile or perishable products, which Roadie drivers can deliver efficiently and cost-effectively.

Create efficiencies

Roadie's readily scalable solution and nationwide footprint give businesses the flexibility to move materials of all sizes around their networks as needed, without the extra fees, delays or timing constraints that other carriers typically face.

Make customers happy

We help our retail partners get their customers the products they need whenever they need them, thanks to our expansive network. Businesses can deploy the right driver and vehicle for the job on demand, delivering fast and high-quality service that wows their customer while keeping their attention on routine operations.

Leverage the nation’s largest local same-day delivery footprint.

Flexibility at scale

Flex dynamically to meet unexpected spikes and lulls in demand — in any market, at any time.

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Nationwide delivery footprint

Roadie drivers deliver to 20,000+ zips – that’s 90% of U.S. households. We’re in all the big cities and towns and the smaller communities in between.

Scale to meet more delivery demand

With Roadie, you’ve got a single partner you can work with all over the U.S. Plus, you can extend your reach with same-day delivery up to 100 miles.

Support items of any size

Roadie drivers use everything from sedans to SUVs to cargo vans that can support big, bulky, heavy and oversized deliveries.

24/7/365 Customer support

At Roadie, you can reach a real, live human being if you ever need assistance. On top of that, enterprise customers receive a dedicated account management team to ensure success from integration to launch and daily operations.

No fixed assets

With Roadie, add delivery resources in real-time. As delivery volume goes up, get matched with more drivers — while delivery times and costs remain the same.

Deploy same-day delivery with any fulfilment model

  • BODFS is a great strategy for bringing products closer to customers so you can drive down e-commerce shipping costs and shorten delivery windows. Partnering with Roadie for same-day delivery-from-store allows you to scale those benefits to all of your customers – no matter what they order or where they live.

  • Cut out the middle man and deliver same-day directly from distribution centers and warehouses. Roadie is a flexible, scalable logistics solution that can easily work with your existing DC footprint to create more efficient same-day delivery solutions for your customers.

  • No matter where deliveries originate, tap Roadie’s prosperity routing algorithm to dynamically route, pre-sort and consolidate orders. With Roadie, you can save time picking and packing orders while reducing the number of vehicles in and out of pickup locations – and deliver directly to customers within a few hours.

Case Study

Tractor Supply’s same-day delivery beats Amazon to America’s Heartland

Tractor Supply Company

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The Challenge

When the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, same-day delivery became urgent and Tractor Supply Company needed to roll out same-day delivery capabilities in days versus weeks. With most same-day delivery providers servicing only primary and secondary markets, rolling out same-day delivery for everyone while they sheltered in place was an enormous challenge.

The Solution

With the help of Roadie’s straightforward API and large delivery network of trusted drivers covering 90% of U.S. households, Tractor Supply Company was able to offer same-day delivery in 1,462 typically hard-to-service locations.

The Results

  • Launched 1,462 locations in less than three weeks
  • On-demand delivery from 100% of TSC stores
  • 15,000+ items available for home delivery

Frequently asked questions

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