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  • No matter if they need a part in the morning or afternoon, give your customers the ability to order parts when they need them most. When a part is necessary for a repair, garages will purchase it even if that means going to a competitor. Through our network of Roadie Drivers already heading that way, we can make deliveries at practically any time of day.

  • It’s a hassle for someone to have a vehicle out of commission, especially if the time in the shop is extended because of out-of-stock parts that have to be ordered and delivered the next day. Traditional couriers and delivery networks don’t have the flexibility to make one-off or urgent auto parts deliveries outside of planned routes. Roadie is working with auto parts manufacturers and retailers to ensure parts can be delivered from store-to-store or store-to-garage within as little as two hours, helping get vehicles back on the road in record time.

  • Delivering large auto parts like oversized tires can quickly rack up costs from traditional delivery options. You end up with charges for the increased weight and oversized item fees. The Roadie fleet of cars, vans, and trucks can handle large items with no upcharge for weight. Just tell us the size of the part and how far it needs to go, we’ll give you an honest estimate.

  • Leveraging vehicles already traveling to and between stores creates a network of delivery drivers that can solve delivery challenges for everyone – whether they’re in a major metro or small city. With over 150,000+ background-checked drivers, Roadie can deliver parts of any size to any market.

  • Give your customers the flexibility to choose any delivery window. With Roadie, you can deliver in two hours or less or schedule another time or day that works best. Whether your delivery is going out right now or later, you’ll get full visibility and real-time tracking on for pick-up and drop-off.

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Roadie provides parts manufacturers and retailers the ability to make sure a part is never in need and get people their vehicles back more quickly. As a result, automotive companies can sell more parts and make their customers the hero.

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Learn how you can launch same-day auto parts delivery nationwide.

Our Ultimate Same-Day Delivery Guide gives you three guides in one — you’ll learn how to make your delivery flex, scale, and lift nationwide.

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A situational snapshot


An automotive parts retailer is evaluating how to create efficiency in an existing courier network that does daily delivery to professional garages. This retailer has an existing purchasing platform through which garages place orders.


While the existing courier network offers predictable delivery times, it doesn’t give professional garages the flexibility to order last-minute or urgent parts after delivery routes have been initiated for the day. In these scenarios, the garages must obtain the parts to quickly return their customer’s vehicle. The retailer loses out on these sales when the garage turns to competitors who have items in-stock.


Automotive parts retailers partner with Roadie to add flexibility into their existing delivery network. With a dynamic solution that flexes capacity based on variable demand, we’re empowering companies of all sizes to solve delivery requests that are expensive and impossible to accomplish with traditional couriers.

Fulfillment windows can be expanded and professionals can get auto parts delivered when they are most needed. The result is higher customer satisfaction, increased sales, and better experiences for repair shops and their customers.