A secure, fast, and efficient way to nail hot shot delivery

Same-day hot shot delivery, nationwide

With over 80,000 drivers nationwide, Roadie offers same-day delivery in dozens of markets. Most of the time, our driver network can deliver product within hours from store or warehouse. Rest assured that as soon as your delivery is matched with a Driver, the items will arrive by the promised time. That’s hot shot delivery done right.

Faster than fast delivery

They call it hot shot for a reason. Your goods need to get there ASAP, and you’re losing potential sales until they do. Roadie can match you with a hot shot courier who’s nearby and is heading to where your delivery needs to go.

Expanded hot shot business radius

Some hot shot services are really just courier services with all the usual restrictions on a geographic radius or mileage range, standard business hours or hefty surcharges for same-day delivery. Roadie can match you with a Driver who’s already in route to where your items need to go, 24/7. And the quoted price is the final price. There are never hidden fees or upcharges.

Omnichannel hot shot services

Optimize your entire supply chain, no matter what you need shipped. Roadie can pick up your delivery from a warehouse, distribution center or another one of your stores, then deliver it wherever it needs to go. Our real-time tracking and secure delivery confirmation features let you know exactly when it arrived.

First mile & last mile delivery

We realize that your hot shot business needs can be unique and unpredictable. Partner with Roadie to fill in those gaps for first mile, last mile or all the miles in between. Roadie’s flexible Collaborative Delivery network can match your exact needs.

Is Roadie’s hot shot courier service for you?
  • Is it urgent? Roadie was founded on the idea of getting things delivered FAST. Time is money, and we’re going to help you save both.
  • Volume uncertainty? Don’t sign a contract with volume commitments and tricky rate structures. Roadie is the ideal partner for fast-growing companies who don’t know what their volumes or peak needs might look like.
  • Warehouse or store? Our hot shot business services can tackle both seamlessly, and we have reverse logistics and inventory rebalancing capabilities to eliminate those restocking headaches.
  • Do you like efficiency? Roadie Drivers aren’t making dozens of other stops before completing your delivery, so it’s going to get there faster and more directly than it would with corporate delivery companies or couriers.
  • Want to make more money? Boost revenue and close more sales when your shelves are fully stocked. When you’re running low on a popular SKU or critical item, it’s Roadie to the rescue.